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 No Dream Is Unreachable LadeeAnne        (More) 1/13/2013
 carry on moon spirit        (More) 1/27/2012
 it's like this moon spirit        (More) 1/15/2012
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 heaven won moon spirit        (More) 10/11/2009
 like thoughts of you moon spirit        (More) 10/11/2009
 a sort of madness moon spirit        (More) 9/30/2009
 a cool autumn morn DEL_Le Dragon Rouge        (More) 9/29/2009
 hidden wisdom moon spirit        (More) 9/29/2009
 human endeavor moon spirit        (More) 9/29/2009
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 remain all moon spirit        (More) 9/22/2009
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 9/11 moon spirit        (More) 9/21/2009
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 On Capacity 02L        (More) 6/27/2009
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 Lesson II 02L        (More) 6/14/2009
 Promise of Love 02L        (More) 2/27/2009

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No Dream Is Unreachable

Speak to me of mind and heart

For someday...

The world will be ready for my return

Calling out from the starry Heavens above

Yet noone will see me...

Save those who are pure of soul

Those who will hear my sweet song...

It's mystery like a rainbow

My legend...

That longs to be told

In starry moonlite' I shall appear

To shine for all eternity

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