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Tomorrow? Maybe snow.
Maybe clouds and wind.
Hope it doesn't blow.
I liked the way it's been.

Maybe clouds and wind.
Maybe snow will drift
I like the way it's been.
The bright days were a gift.

Maybe snow will drift.
Traffic flow will stop.
The bright days were a gift
I dread the slush and slop.

Traffic flow will stop.
Fender bender time.
I dread the slush and slop
when temperatures climb.

Fender bender time.
I wish I could stay home.
when temperatures climb
It isn't safe to roam.

I wish I could stay home
Tomorrow maybe snow.
It isn't safe to roam.
I hope it doesn't blow.

This is a pantoum. I have used a short line - three feet - but found nothing that said a pantoum has to have a longer one. The tone in intended to be humorous, according to my own peculiar sense of humor I tried to match the form to mental process, the shifting recurrent thought of worry.

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