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You So Proudly Gave

You So Proudly Gave

As I go on by the yard
Where lays your grave
For so many others
You so proudly gave

Though they have no idea
Of the Hell you went through
So many others could be free
Free do to as they choose

The grass is cut clean
And trimmed around your stone
But, you'll have wings
The day we are called home

Each time I pass your grave
The memories begin to flow
Of days when we were younger
And we'd put on quite a show

Some have no respect
For the dead or the living
Always with their hands out
Looking for someone giving

You served this country proudly
All dressed up in your green
In a war so far away
At times you'd wake from that dream

You will be missed
Forever in our hearts
Though until Judgment Day
We'll be so far a part

Written 4/9/2017 by Norman Hale Jr.

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