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 INK IS THE CONSCIENCE poetalthomas        (More) 1/21/2018
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 YOU ARE TO ME poetalthomas        (More) 12/22/2017
 SILENCE IS IN THE SLEEP poetalthomas        (More) 12/17/2017

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The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice.
Very interesting concept of mine,
Ink is the conscience of an idea.
With this idea of which I propose,
Which can be debated.
History repeats it self,
Is a brush filled with ink.
Written in rid, yellow, black and white.
Is these not the colors we're made off?
Merely all are made by God.
Fluid is the ink that tells us so.
Prejudice is the mind that don't know.

''The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice.''

Mark Twain

Just For The Love Of It PHRASE Challenge

The phrase for this challenge is

''a brush filled with ink''

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