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 ALL AUTHORITY poetalthomas        (More) 4/21/2019
 IMAGE poetalthomas        (More) 4/16/2019
 TONGUE poetalthomas        (More) 4/14/2019
 GREVES WERE OPENED poetalthomas        (More) 4/13/2019
 TODAY poetalthomas        (More) 4/11/2019
 GOD IS FOR US poetalthomas        (More) 4/8/2019
 BETTER PLACE poetalthomas        (More) 4/8/2019
 JESUS IS THE ROCK poetalthomas        (More) 4/6/2019
 EVERY EYE WILL SEE poetalthomas        (More) 3/27/2019
 ENTER HIS CHURCH poetalthomas        (More) 3/25/2019
 BEWARE poetalthomas        (More) 3/24/2019
 SHALL OVERCOME poetalthomas        (More) 3/20/2019
 TEMPTATION poetalthomas        (More) 3/16/2019
 IF YOU WERE HUMBLE poetalthomas        (More) 3/14/2019
 A TIME TO LIVE poetalthomas        (More) 3/13/2019
 DAWN OF THE MORNING poetalthomas        (More) 3/10/2019
 DAYS OF YOUR YOUTH poetalthomas        (More) 3/10/2019
 LAST TRUMP poetalthomas        (More) 3/8/2019
 DECEIVERS poetalthomas        (More) 3/5/2019
 WHAT IS YOUR LIFE poetalthomas        (More) 3/4/2019
 YOUR FAMILY'S ETERNAL FUTURE poetalthomas        (More) 2/24/2019
 SEARCH ME poetalthomas        (More) 2/19/2019
 RAIN DOWN poetalthomas        (More) 2/16/2019
 I CAN BE JUBILANT OR PENSIVE poetalthomas        (More) 2/3/2019
 pure woman poetalthomas        (More) 2/1/2019
 STRIVE poetalthomas        (More) 1/26/2019
 HUMILITY poetalthomas        (More) 1/18/2019
 Dallas 63. Truenobleman        (More) 1/17/2019
 PERFECT PEACE poetalthomas        (More) 1/16/2019
 COME OUT OF HER poetalthomas        (More) 1/15/2019

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All Authority has been giving to God's Son.
Lord Jesus You from the cross has won.
Lord, You took keys of death and hell .

All redeemed, You, I am saved.
United with God on high.
To God, Jesus is my Alibi.
He is the One Who redeemed me.
Our redemption, His victory.
Revive us O Lord to think like Thee.
I am one with You Three.
To join You in victory.
Yesterdays sorrow, tomorrows joyfully.

◄ Matthew 28:18 ►

New International Version

Then Jesus came to them and said,
'All authority in heaven and on earth
has been given to me.

◄ Revelation 1:18 ►
King James Version

I am he that liveth,
and was dead;
and, behold,
I am alive for evermore,
and have the keys of hell
and of death.

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