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“It’s the pride and ego, afraid to crumble, never learned to be humble, ‘tho everyone knows we’re all likened to chaffs winnowed from the grains… anon”



hard to contemplate
yet aye somehow understand
my humble insight

Letter to my Grandpa

By: Vivian R. Cacabelos
Civil Engineering Student, St. Louis University
Baguio City, Philippines

Dear Grandpa,

All the things that bothered me for the past few months occurred to me at once and I uhhh… cried.

I’m sad and happy right now Gramps. Funny is that I’m confused about my emotions but it’s just because I finally can say that I sort of understand life. Life is really amazing huh? I fully appreciate everything that it gave me even the heartbreaking/depressing ones.
Life is about timing, opportunity and choices. Everything that happens in our lives is an opportunity at a right time to make a right choice. I know that not all people are ready to make a choice and I admit I’m one of those. Whenever I encounter a problem, I’d freak out and make a wrong choice but believing about it as ‘ wrong’ made it worse. It eventually made me regret about some things I did and I didn’t. I became unhappy and unsatisfied.

I’ve been hysterical for about an hour for each day in a month now because I’m thinking too hard about it. But you know, I realized… I can’t do anything about it anymore. I can’t turn back time and correct what I have done wrong so why do I bother to mentally torture myself? Why do I extend the time that I have to suffer? And then bam! This thought came up: We have the opportunity to choose what we will do next after a wrong move. You’re still alive, give yourself a second chance to prove yourself. If we miss this opportunity again, then we don’t deserve our existence. If we don’t correct it now to be happy then it will forever be our regret, right? Our goal in our life is to be happy after all so let’s show to everyone and to ourselves that we are worthy to have it.

Ang buhay ay parang gulong. Touche!

Life has its own ups and downs, twists and turns of fate. You must have your brain and heart in harmony so you will do well in life. Maybe the only thing that I regret now is, I should’ve been happier when the best things happened in the past.

Life is really intimidating!

Love always,

It is most peculiar of the brilliance, the wisdom, the logical and analytical approach, the way she sees, thinks and reacts. I am amazed and impressed yet I am not surprised, it is in the Cacabelos’ Genre. Thank you friends, family for the time spent, I am indebted … APOng

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