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 '...We(e),...', fly as a mayfly, all... reality1        (More) 2/26/2015
 BUNNIES RUN FREE hollydar        (More) 2/22/2015
 impulse notebook        (More) 2/21/2015
 peculiarity... XRifles        (More) 1/22/2015
 Love Starlight1        (More) 1/20/2015
 Mind's Eye notebook        (More) 9/20/2014
 striking notebook        (More) 9/12/2014
 Plasticity notebook        (More) 9/11/2014
 LIFE'S JOURNEY (Senryu) hollydar        (More) 8/31/2014
 Voices Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 5/23/2014
 My Heart Has Ears Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 5/21/2014
 I've Got A Right To Sing Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 5/18/2014
 Mmmm cherryk        (More) 5/12/2014
 Spring Kisses Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 5/10/2014
 Shadows of You Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 4/22/2014
 Horses With Wings Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 4/22/2014
 MEMORIAL DAY poetalthomas        (More) 3/25/2014
 LOVE LIFTED ME poetalthomas        (More) 3/20/2014
 SOUND OF RAIN poetalthomas        (More) 3/14/2014
 GOD IS LOVE poetalthomas        (More) 3/10/2014
 IT'S WARM BUT NOT HOT. poetalthomas        (More) 3/8/2014
 SPRING TIME poetalthomas        (More) 3/8/2014
 Looking Through Life's Window Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 2/15/2014
 HAVE YOU BEEN READY? poetalthomas        (More) 2/13/2014
 SHOW YOUR LIGHT poetalthomas        (More) 2/13/2014
 CAN YOU IMAGINE poetalthomas        (More) 2/13/2014
 Still My Heart Cries Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 2/9/2014
 I Will Not Answer The Ocean's Call Cynthiaapwlts        (More) 1/30/2014
 AFTERMATH OF WAR hollydar        (More) 1/21/2014
 Yo-yo cherryk        (More) 1/20/2014

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'...We(e),...', fly as a mayfly, all...

'...We(e),...', Fly As A Mayfly, All In A Day

...Than as long as an

Eagle flies, another way,

We're live, not survive.

Challenge :) Senryu; with Deb

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