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'A Jubilant Sky''

A Jubilant Sky

The first thing I noticed was her smile. Her grace was such that,a swan,being graceful;is put to shame. Never have I known anyone like her,nor shall ever again...
We lived in a time of uncertainty.My brothers were causing trouble for everyone,and my sisters,for all their genteel demeanor,were even worse.Especially Luna! Vain sister!I hated her for a long time.I came near to destroying her!If she had been mortal I think I would have,but that was long ago,and we must forgive,even if forgetting never happens. I loved my lady,my wife,and as I have said,she was beauty personified.This is where our trouble began.A mortal woman with eyes that,to this day,sparkle in my dreams! Envious were my sisters,with Luna most of all.I thought it would pass,but I reckoned not with the cruelty of some. One day I was visiting my brothers and my sister took the form of a crow,and landed upon our well.She asked my lady for a drink to quench her thirst.Do not be amazed that a bird would talk.Times were different then,and many things new. My wife drew a pail,and set it before her. 'Here is water' she said 'take what you will'. The bird,drank deeply,and asked 'Oh woman.Where is your man?Do you not know that a storm approaches?' and indeed the sky was darkening,with wind whipping the trees. My lady was unafraid,but she was concerned for the crow.'Will you not spend the night inside?' she asked 'My husband will likely be gone until tomorrow,and I would not have any harm come to you.' This is exactly what my sister Luna wanted,for she had raised the winds herself. 'You are very kind' she replied' I will just rest upon the mantel until morning' but she had no intention of resting,for night is her time,and her power rises with the moon. When all was quiet,my sister resumed her own form,looking down at my wife as she slept,speaking very softly 'So.You would be as one of us?This cannot be,and my brother will soon forget you.' Then she opened the door,letting in the light of the full moon,and pronounced her curse 'By this light will you exist.Never may you dwell under the Sun's rays again.You will not die,but neither will you live life as you have;mocking your betters!' she then changed back into the crow,and flew away.At this saying,I felt,even from far away,a spear thrust into my heart!I knew that power had been used,for we know it well. I returned that very night to an empty house.Or so I first assumed,for in the moonlight was the silhouette of a woman without substance.I tried to hold her,but my arms passed through her like the air.I called her name,but she looked through me as if I were a ghost.Then I cried out in anguish 'Luna!What have you done!This is your work,for I still feel your presence!Run!Run far,and fast,for I am coming!' With that I called upon the Sun to lend me strength. I knew where she would hide,and spoke these words 'Oh moon?Fairest of other worlds?Be burnt,and blighted!Let no living thing dwell on you again!' and the Sun reached out,scorching the moon,until it became the dead world we see today. I was far from finished with my little sister,but thankfully I had many brothers to restrain me.I was chained for years,insane with grief;but slowly,after a while,my mind returned.I had no love for my sister Luna,but she,in her own way,had suffered as well.We were all so young then,and our deeds were those of children.We understand this now,and peace has been restored. I could not bring my wife back,but when I grew able,I determined to place her above;where all could behold her grace,and beauty;for she is not dead. Even my sister's curse couldn't destroy her,nor is she in pain...,but,to my loss,she is changed.... Now?...When you look at the sky up north;A jubilant sky,you'll see my love,my life shimmering in perpetual splendor...for her name is;

' Aurora.'

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