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Little Miss Hitler

Why I will always love Boston----a true story about the
unhappy life of Wesley A. Storer
----------------------------------- ------------
In the Summer of 1987, I hitch-hiked to Boston, Ma
living on food stamps and stayed in the homeless shelters
started by Kitty Dukakis.
One wonderful morning the labor pool I was working out
of sent me to 21 Beacon street, where many famous
people had lived, including Franklin D. Rossevelt
in his younger days.
Susan Flannigan was the concierge of 21 Beacon street.
She was the daughter of Michael Dukakis's secretary.
She was beautiful and I worked my heart out for her as
a janitor. She later said I was the best worker she had
ever seen.
Susan Flannigan was a stickler for her tenants paying
their rent on time and the guys in the bar next door
called her 'Little Miss Hitler', but I worshiped the
floor she stood on that I cleaned for her.
After a few months, the powerful Maloney real estate
brothers took her away from me to some town out
North, offering her more money.
I worked for another week or two for some young suit
who replaced her. During this time the Department
of Massachusetts social services practically begged me
to quit working, offering me money and a place to
stay at 9 half moon street, a half way house for re-
covering alcoholics. I was not a alcoholic but
I accepted so I could have time to check out the local
The house at 9 half moon street was located not far
from St. Paul's Cathedral in Dorchester.
They gave me Cardinal Cushing's old office that
had been converted into a bed room. by the Paul
Sullivan housing trust. It was fabulous with its
beautiful marble fire place and a Winslow Homer
water color painting above it.
So I checked out the local history, feeling like a
millionaire, I went out to Wellesley college one day,
It is a beautiful place where Hillary Rodham Clinton
went to school. There was no one there.
One day I met Barbara Bush on
Tremont street stumping for George, down by Filene's
basement. She pinned A vote for Bush button on my
coat and asked me to vote for George.
So I did and I betrayed all those wonderful people
in Boston who helped me so marvelously. If only they
had not taken little Miss Hitler away from me. I would
still be there, working for her.
Now I feel like a lonesome schwinehund who bit
the hands that fed him, after meeting all those wonderful
Catholics in Boston. The Irish and the Italians
had a wonderful sense of humour.
After a few years Boston lost its jazzy newness
for me, so I took a gray dog back to Spokane, wa..
Obviously I'm insane. My heart now tells me
'You are all through jazzbo.'

(There is actually a 'Little Miss Hitler' beauty pageant
somewhere over in Europe somewhere.)

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