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THE REAL STORY (just over 1 pg.)

A story worth telling must have a plot. - Required components are a start and stop. - The story starts, then it wends - until , after a fashion, the story ends, - at which point the readers can tell - whether the tale they read ended well.
“He did wrong, killed another man.” - That was the way the story began. - “He suffered awful pangs of regret.” - But, that’s not the ending, yet. - “The law arrested him, put him on trial - during which he was imprisoned a while. - The jury returned, all saying the same; - for this crime, he was to be hanged. - Neck broken, some reflexive kicks, - the killer was dead, though the widow was sick - of the entire, dreadful affair.”
In real life the story would not end there. - The real story goes on, shows her children turn bad - because she was working and they had no Dad - at home to keep them from going astray. - The true story closes with each one today. - Drug addicts, imprisoned and on the run - after a childhood that lacked simple fun - or the restrictions of normal kids. - All this because of what one man did.
Some write to entertain and regale - while omitting the sort of facts that would fail - to inspire the reader to turn the pages. - Commonly, writers have done this for ages. - We must keep the readers enthralled, - though leaving out parts they felt best not recalled.
Yes, you’ll find endings after the starts. - But, every story leaves out the best parts. - The happy endings most writers sell - fail to reflect the truths they don’t tell. - If interviewed following some sort of disaster - like a death or a wreck when someone drove faster - than was safe and destroyed their car, - might you stop to consider how far - what you knew might change your own life? - We each react in our own way to strife. - Facts you may know, yet decide not to tell - could, in the end, propel - instead of rumors, some pure fact. - If you misled, would you regret the act? - A detail not known by all those involved - could determine the way the case is solved.
To belabor the point I would like to make, - another example of give and take - with the risk the whole story’s not heard, - resulting in miscarried justice absurd, - would be the case below - which offers one more way to show - why there are always bits left out - when the writers pen is telling about - the section between ending and start; - the story content referred to as ‘heart’. - This is one more simple example - of why, when the story content seems ample - and, always provides some proofs, - they apparently ignore relevant truths. - Sometimes, including no more than bare hint - of truth, stories still end up in print.
You misled your wife as to where you would be. - The fib gave you the night to be free. - You witness a fight, cops came to the door - and found someone dead on the floor. - The first thing you must decide - is to tell what you saw or stand aside. - Involvement would mean later need to explain. - Already, part of your beer-addled brain - is tossing decisions to and fro. - You won’t speak up. Inside, you know. - You realize, as you head toward home, - your part of the story will never be known. - Parts of the truth have been hid, - when you made the decision you just did.
Nothing written of the event - will mention where your evening was spent. - Maybe you broke no law, - but no one could now write what you saw. - The complete story will never be told, - yet the completed books will be sold.
A story told and what it tells - either leaves the guilty free or in cells. - What seems to be unimportant to some - may be the cause of an injustice done. - Though the best stories contain a blend - of start, an enticing theme, then the end, - there are always details they lack. - And, that is an unfortunate fact.
Do you see what I say? Nobody knows all. - That’s why writers just let the chips fall - when part of the story remains an unknown, - lacking those few facts of your own. - Not all is known, so not all is writ - and, that’s all there is to it. - We end with a distorted tale, - yet the story is printed for sale.
Going on and on with imagined example - to show ways in which the truth can be trampled - by those with best of intentions, no guilt, - only points out that every story is built - of bits and pieces, but never the whole. - Unknown facts might play a large roll.
Every life has a story to tell, - although the ending might not turn out well. - Uneventful throughout, they’ll still rewrite the end. - Let me only say, that’s real life, my friend. - Omissions, distortions, all with good intent, - still go to print with a story that’s bent. - Stories often distort, omit and hurt - while they tell of our path from birth back to dirt. - Mere words of happiness, pain or glory - still leave real life as an unwritten story.


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