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Bella Luna

Terror at the Bella Luna Cemetery

It was Monday, October, 1955, on the night of the full moon
Halloween when Jimmy Beaudell and his brothers, Joe, Larry, Tom
and Leroy decided to go trick or treatin' after meeting with their
mother in the Bella Luna hotel, who was engaged in a ferocious
custody battle with their dead beat father., but their mother was
drunk on cheap wine incoherent as usual.
'It looks like we are going to get stuck living with our dead beat
old man', Jimmy told his brothers.
After they were through waxing windows and tipping over folks'
back yard privies , they decided to take a short cut home through
the Bella Luna cemetery, because 12 year old Jimmy had a flash-
light making them all feel brave, and they were in the mood for some
They were about to leave the cemetery when a humongous
wind storm arose seemingly out of nowhere. It terrified the 6
year old Tommy, 8 year old Joe and even 14 year old Leroy, the
The boys were almost to the rear cemetery gate when a terrific
burst of wind blew over a six foot thick, massive old bull pine with a
terrifying roar. The huge tree was situated by a lone grave stone not
far from the fence.
The boys screamed when Jimmy's flashlilght
shone on a gleaming white skeleton cloaked in tattered red shreds
tangled up and dangling from the tree's roots.
. The spectacle's bony arms jiggled and clattered about in another
fierce breeze when young Tommy, a victim of youthful poor
judgement made a dash for the fence gate. He tripped and was
falling towards a stake sharp root shard of one of the gigantic tree's
roots when the skeleton reached down, pulled him to safety and
gave him a big kiss while holding him in her arms.
That was when all the boys passed out and woke up in the
Bella Luna hospital next morning.
Their dead beat old man gained custody, and after a couple
of years of enduring their old man's drunken life threatening rages,
the boys all wound up in the Bella Luna insane asylum, where they
still remain to this day, unkindly refered to by the hospital staff
as a bunch of blubbering idiots.
They are still there, to this day. I know because I was one of
them. I am deceased now and they buried me next to some unknown
Jane Doe the grave diggers nicknamed Rahab the harlot in their
secret contempt for life's losers, but I have learned to love her for saving
Tommy's life and she loves me.

I, Jimmy, am a ghost, now. Rachel, her real name,taught me how to
sneak into the Bella Luna library at night, where I write poems and
that is where I wrote this story you have read.

Life is so depressingly overwhelming nowadays, and How can anyone comprehend the terrible thought of becoming a ghost and living with all those dreadful memories of things that went wrong and damned our lives from any chance of happiness.

( I know there are many high school and college kids today who write great,
interesting stories much better than mine, and all they get is a grade, an A
or a B from some conceited, egotistical professor, and the world never gets to see
their genius. What a dreadful waste. That's life.

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