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Where OUT Leads To

Whispers from some other yesterday I've yet to remember. Shadows crawling across my bedroom floor warn of things which haven't happened and monsters which don't exist... Cannot possibly be real. I quickly remind myself that conjuring a thing into thought is to give that thing life.
But that wasn't my thought. I'd never think like that. And if I did, I'd never believe it.
What is happening to me? Am I mad? Have I let slip my sensible belief in reality... Or has reality let slip that which has held it in place for eons. Maybe it's forgotten why the boundaries were in place in the first place... Place? Too many places and not enough spaces and if I inadvertently gave birth by thought, a monster of death and rot... Where is it now? Under my bed? In my closet... No, that's too cliche.
Wait. What the Hell am I saying. Thinking, I mean. I am a man of logic and reason, facts and truths. Never have I gave even the slightest to fairy tales or fantastical ideas. I've always thought it a waist of time and intelligence to lose oneself in dreaming which bares no constructive outcomes.
... 'Thought'... I've always thought? But, I can't stop thinking about the creature, the monster I may have created, brought forth with My creative force from some dark dimension and now it's loose upon the earth... And it's my fault.
I now remember reading somewhere about the possibility of other dimensions existing in our own world, so close as to almost touch our skin, yet we can never cross over.
... We can never cross over... We cannot cross over? But it didn't say whether or not they, or something could cross over the boundaries set forth by the laws of existence and the universe... It never said anything about whether or not they could cross over to our dimension, to our world. And who's to say that we cannot pass over into these other dimensions. Maybe we just haven't figured out how. If life is evolutionary then there's a great chance we just haven't evolved to the point of inter-dimensional travel yet.
Could they have evolved to that point of knowing? Is it possible they've always known and have always passed back and forth between the boundaries of their world and ours, hiding in the shadows and dark places of the earth... Have they been watching us like the little voice in back of my head says the monster is watching me?
I know now that it is there. My logic has left me and has been replaced by a gut feeling, a knowing, an understanding that it is here. It feels foreign, like something out of place. I once knew that a
A man didn't lose his mind in a span of a few moments. It takes a man a lifetime to become mad, insane, to forget logic and the human understanding of the 'laws' of Reality.
But now I know that what I've always understood as truth... May have been the fairytale all along.
... I know it's here. The monster. The creature that crawled forth from my mind, my thoughts, my dreaming moment.
I can hear it. Its claws making scratching sounds somewhere behind the walls, or maybe somewhere between our two realms. A kind of, space between spaces, a crawl space for world's within world's where things which should not exist can hide and scratch and plot all manner of deviance.
For the first time in life I am afraid. I can no longer look at fear as an emotion which should be ignored. I feel to ignore this feeling would not only be impossible, but would also mean my death. This fear is animalistic and instinctual in it's warning. Fight or flight response is present and I know there is no chance at fighting something beyond mankind's understanding, that fleeing May be just as pointless.
So I ponder of an answer to a riddle which has no point. No point except to render my flesh from bone.
I think I'll sit here at my desk for a while And await a solution. My limbs are strangely numb so to speak and my mind like my judgement, has become cloudy and apathetic. The scratching had become more pronounced. I think it's left the confines of the 'crawl space' and is now somewhere in or just outside this room.
... I wonder if anyone will remember me. I fear no one will... I wish I could remember how I got here. Maybe then I could remember how to get out... Or where, 'Out' leads to...

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