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The cow chip Queen

Wesley Storer's new alternate pen name
is 'Gringo Goy'

The cow chip Queen

Once, years ago, when passing through
Miles City, Montana, I had the pleasure and
privilege of visiting the Pioneer Museum that
even John Wayne once visited.

I was quite enlightened to see the most beautiful
collection of ladies' hats behind a glass eenclosure,
and the sign beneath explained how a favorite
wish of so many of those poor pioneer women
was to have a beautiful hat,
and when they passed on to their eternal rest,
, those hats, which were hardly ever
worn, still looked as good as new.
The pioneers were for the most part a
highly moral, God fearing people. They had to be
They took chances, and faith takes the
risk of action.

Before leaving I purchased a picture book
history of Jordan, Montana, because my great Grandfather,
Arthur Jordan, founded the town of Jordan and had the
first post office and store there.

Several times through the years I would
look through this book and read the stories of the
pioneers and see their pictures
One nice looking lady had on an exquisitely
beautiful hat that looked like a Paris original, in what
must have been her wedding picture because she
was sitting next to a stern, but kind looking gentle-man.

After many viewings through the years, one night
I was haunted by a feeling that the
beautiful hat the bride was wearing did not look
quite right in its beauty and elegance.

I guess it must have been all those years working
on a ranch, East of Roundup, Mt, my home town, that
finally gave me the clue. I was searching for.
That hat was a cow chip. She must have looked
a long time to find the right one for her wedding

Wesley Storer, 2 days ago

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