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By the light of the moon.

By the light of the moon.

I was only about 16 when David came to live with us in California. He had stayed behind in Canada when the rest of our family moved until his sight was all but gone. As it was, he would have only a blurry glimpse of us when he saw us again. The news that he would lose his sight was devastating to him and to us all.

His trade was photography and so everything was about to change. No longer would he be able to support himself with picture taking, which he loved. He could not live alone in these final stages. He began the new carreer path of computer programming at De Anza College. The courses would take two years to complete and so he applied for a student visa. He was denied the green card for the unbelievable reasoning that he’d become a dependent on the state, costing more than the government felt the taxpayers would want to pay for. We had family members step forward offering written sworn guarantees that should he have financial need, our family would care for him. Still he was refused.

In the while he awaited the decision, he began a “Talking Maps” project for the blind that would allow people like himself to scan the written word. He also worked on other creative aids for the blind making full use of his time While attending school, he offered tutorial assistance for students with learning disabilities. He also worked on a suicide prevention line understanding full well the despair of wanting to give up in life. The most important development was that he fell in love.The depression he experienced was eased after meeting the lady who would change his whole outlook in life. Marrying his fiancé, Barbara would have solved all his immigration issues but my brother was romantic. He refused to marry her on those grounds.

Our next store neighbor, a lawyer, was appalled that my brother in this great need to be with us was being sent back to Canada and so he agreed to take this all the way to congress if need be and it was indeed needed as his time was running out. He was ordered to leave on April 7th during Easter break for congress. He contacted the newspapers and television sharing David’s story. The camera crews arrived as well as a reporter, Joann Grant, for the San Jose Mercury News.The front page headlines the next day read “A Blind Injustice”. Joanne explained the work David was doing while he waited the final six month allotment time. She also explained that his life expectancy was limited.

Outrage from San Jose poured in. We received letters from many who agreed this was an injustice. Our lawyer, Mr. Breen, gathered up many personal reference letters explaining the character of my brother. He understood the only way to accomplish a reversal on the decision was to ask a special bill be written on my brothers behalf.Rep. Don Edwards set the particulars in place. An extension for delay of his deportation was granted and the bill was introduced to congress on April 8th by Rep. Norman Mineta. The interest of his case was taken into consideration in Washington because of the unusual problem my brother faced

The bill was passed and with it, came the marriage. My brother and Barbara were married and in the most unusual wedding. But then, nothing about my brother was of the norm. The wedding party, consisted of the blind couple and a priest who also was blind…and all three were the proud owners of 'Guide Dogs for the Blind.' In my view of the whole affair... this is a 'happily ever after' story during a time celebrating new life at Easter, proving God is at work in the lives of those in need.

Written for Jim's' Photoshop Talk' Challenge.

(I apologize for using my own photo Jim...
I have a new PC and I have not sorted out
how to download on it yet)

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