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From many of my trips, this one stands out the most.
Paris was one of my dreams, which wanted to accomplish at last.
There many people around and a busy city to view.
People rushed to the Metro Station that still runs underground.
There is a huge traffic there cars often honking loud.
The people in a hurry, those could not understand why.
There were a few points there, that I wanted to see,
Eiffel Tower for one, because such views electrifying for me.

Walked on Champs-Elysées on foot for a tourist like me
was a thrill because I've seen many boutiques,
and stores with colorful souvenirs, I stood under the Ark of Triumph
and went to Notre Dame Cathedral, an exceptional beauty,
and next was the Sacred Coeur Basilica that one
stands tall on the hill, and then went to Lyon,
a famous from History train station this one I could not miss at all.

Then Versailles, where King of France lived, with Marie Antoinette
a beautiful woman, whose life, was cut short while the Revolution roared.
There was so much to learn while traveling abroad. The Versailles
so beautiful, with riches those were taken from the poor,
the trip over the Ocean a sweet memory from my Diary Book;
Paris, a beautiful city, but not for all that is,
one has to live there to appreciate, but the city so busy is not meant for me.
Life is beautiful traveling; it is good to learn new things on the way.
This is my little story that I am sharing with you today.

April 21 -2015
By Zuzanna Musial

Host: Deeny107
Some special place I've been

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