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Behind The Garden Gate continued

Behind The Garden Gate

Well hello there again my friends. We were introduced within the last
part of this little story, but for those I have not yet met, my name is
Matilda Mae. So named by Aspiring Angel, and asked by her, to find
a way to continue on with what will come before you.

It had been a very long road to where Aspiring found herself to be.
Life, as she always had known it, changed in the blink of an eye
with the passing of her husband, and she for the first time in her
lifetime found the true meaning of 'alone'.

Very early mornings began finding her just outside her front door, with
coffee in hand enjoying the occasional Hummingbird that would drop in
and the sounds of neighbors arising to start their days.

She found herself feeling sad for the empty space that remained waiting.
Aspiring had been looking for a 'Me Space' and the thought struck her, that
this area could very well become it. It just needed some help to get there.

The main problem was that the wood fencing had never been treated or painted.
She was greeted by a very tired, splintered, and in various stages of a definite gray,
decaying fencing that looked as if it had been crying out ''Help Me'' for years. Then the thought struck her. What better way to fill in the empty hours in her families absence.
She'd just paint the fence. Much easier said than done.

These apartments were built in the early Nineteen Seventies, with her not realizing
of course, that a wooden fence that had not been treated or painted ever, in all of its
forty plus years standing, was going to soak up paint like a sponge. (and it did)
It all but done her in trying to conquer what she had begun.

It was too late to turn back now, and behind her garden gate, began to find her
vision and a smile from her heart. The weather turned to a blistering hot,
one hundred and six, and remained to be that way for the two weeks of long
hours, it took her to hand paint the fence. Coat after coat after coat of paint with
of course one major spill to the concrete. LOL :(
Finally the day did come and a white blank canvas stood just in front of her.

She made the promise to herself, that everything that was bought and placed within
this space, would be something that either meant a great deal to her, or just plain
found its way to make her smile, resulting in what you will see just below.

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Original by Lesa Gay
Aspiring Angel
October11, 2018

I wish to thank my son Kenneth, for taking this video, and a huge
Thank You to our own goldpenghost (Donna) for working so hard
to get it off of my phone, and to somewhere she could get coding
to get it here. Brandy, my friend, you also worked to try to get
it to autoplay and I thank you as well for your efforts.

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