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Internet ghost

On Halloween eve 2013,
I was sitting in my chair
Posting a poem on the Starlit cafe,
Not going anywhere
This all happened at my computer,
In the dark that night
It was Halloween eve,
The screen was my light

I had not a care in the world,
Was not watching the time
That'sWhen it all began,
Through my speakers came slime
Just then my clock struck midnight,
Halloween day was here
Jumping back in a fright,
A hand did appear

My computer started shaking,
My hard drive was smoking

The internet ghost,
Sent his hand through my screen
Leaving me know,
that this was his machine
When the hand started typing,
Another hand did appear
And chilling music started playing
Loud in my ears

I pulled out the plug,
Shattered my screen
I tried to flee from the room,
For these hands were now green
But the picture stayed clear,
And those hands kept typing
When all of a sudden,
The door slammed and was shaking

My heart was beating faster,
As it gave me a scare
When I turned back to those hands,
They were covered with hair
The internet ghost was here,
To give me a fright
He was letting me know,
That tonight was his night

Then the glass that I broke,
Returned to my screen
The plug went back in,
My computer was clean

Then those hands dissapeared,
Back into my screen
Leaving me there,
Wondering what I had seen
As I looked at the screen,
For what those hands wrote
Written on Halloween day,
By the internet ghost

All that was written were 7 words,
What a scare on this day
Those words were shining bright,
On this Halloween day
All that was written,
On my computer screen
Was Have A Good Day,

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