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The old Conductor moved on

I got up this morning and headed for the Railroad Station to begin my trip, while I was checking
in, I noticed an old train and caboose sitting off on an old side track. I wandered down there to
see what was up, an old conductor invited me to come aboard. He asked where I was going, I
rattled off my entire itinerary, He said to me, right then, this old train is pulling out within the

You can have a free ride, on the house, I said what is the catch, he said, well, there is only one,
you have to invite someone to join, too. You must find a seeking soul in search of God.I said that
should not be so hard to do. Now, if you do find one who will go, , then I will have gone on.
Now, son, this train is heaven bound, so you only have to find one, but, oh, how I wish I could
help you, but rules are rules and these belong to God.

Now, listen well, son, the rules are as follows, you can not leave this caboose until you find
some one who is looking for God. You must stay right here, you can not leave. As God has stated
for one to be found and saved they must be searching for God. So, it is going to be a long
lonesome wait.You already knew God to a certain degree, but have a greater knowledge now.
You must look , stay, pray and obey, otherwise it will be an even greater delay in locating the
one who seeks.

God dwells in no so called church building, but within each believers heart. God is absolute,
non denominational, God is pure, God is Holy, God cares for all of mankind, Gods' love is
beyond human understanding He absolutely loves each individual and has no regard for those
in high places unless they also love each person as he does, nurturing each person caring for
them as he does. Some will ask you what proof there is of God. The air you breathe, the joy
you have found, a babies cry, farmers fruit, the love of two, who love him too, a groan from
the old, the touch of gold, his arms unfold, a flower in bloom, the fullest moon, the harvest
moon, so take a stand, for all of man, exercise love, know God is love , his grace is sure, his
love endures, words never end, in silence send. the gift of love from God above.

Your question you asked me son, how do I know you are the one, the only ones who will come
to this old caboose are the only ones who can see it, that is how I know you are the one.

When you have your one, your job is done, you will move on, as I will, soon. Remember God is
in control and He will bring one for you and your time will come to travel home. With those
words, He was gone. Sitting here in deep anticipation in prayer deep with God to seek.

Just for the love of it Challenge

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