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Heart Strings

In the twinkling of an eye many fates are made and broken. When two worlds collide, the earth moves and the spirit of their beings are entwined. Then and only then would peace fall upon an un-expecting kingdom.
In a moon light room, with the curtains slightly ajar, its rays hits their scantily dressed bodies. His Muscular body holds her slender carved figure, as she swoons him. His dark hazel eyes gaze into her blue oceans of tenderness. In the next moment as the moon hits them they sway in perfect unison, her bosom of Venus connects with his manly chest of Plato.
Two simple people with very ordinary lives, who love each other so deeply at every turn. As the months pass her once beautiful body becomes that of an expectant mother to be.
In a dimly lit room there's a mother to be with a baby in her womb. By the candle light she struggles and screams to give new life. As the mid-wife looks on, she stares down, thinking all hope had gone. Then there's a deathly moment of silence. You can cut the air with a knife. The whole room seems to stand still.
As she draws back the curtains, the light from the stars and the moon streams in. Then the really miracle did begin. His little eyes flickers open in a flash and in that instance the mid-wife stands back. A smile crosses her face, as she passes the baby to his mother.
Then as she does so, with outreached arms he points up at the moon. It is in that moment that his quiet, soulfully compliments the Universe. From that day on he is simply known as Solomon Mattan which means Peaceful Gift.
His mother often snuggles him in her bosom and gazes down at his blond hair n' blue eyes. She will hold him with such tender loving care until one day he is too heavy to hold any more. As they bring him up, they teach him to love all things around him and to not squabble childishly. That will lead him into fights and harms way.
They will bring him up the right way as they see fit until one day they notice that he might not be as ebullient as they think he should be to survive in later life. On this day, as on many others they wonder what to do for the best, yet just around the moneycorner there is a miracle about to happen.
While out walking one day they stop at their favourite bench for a well earned rest. As they sit there Sol notices a big paper bag, opening it, to their surprise they find a huge bundle of money. Instantly knowing the right thing t do, they take it to the local authorities for them to see if they can find the owners. As they leave the money with them, they are told to check back in 3 months time and if nobody has picked it up then they can claim it.
They months come and go. Then one day his father says shall we go see if our luck is in? So with no more of ado they go back to they office where they left the money. As they arrive they are asked many questions and finally are asked to fill out a form requesting information about the lost money. After what seems like an eternity somebody comes back to see them. It is in that moment that the whole room seems to light up as the officer announces to them that they may keep the money.

They are amazed by the amount of money, yet its not a kings ransom.
They decide to spend it on the many things that they hope will make their lives better. A lot of the things are little essential things, yet the thing that they strive for the most is somebody to help school him in self defence.
They have heard of such people, but they are a distance away. His mind nervous and heart throbbing his father sits at his desk. His furrowed brow etched with many a worry line, he picks up his quill, fountain pen and starts to write. The content of the letter is not important, but it's written with such dignity and deep emotion that it evokes a swift response from the person to whom he sends it.
The letter that he gets back says I have read your amazing tale and would like to bring a few colleagues with me to give yours son an aptitude test, to see what level to start him on. The rest of the family are welcome to join if they want.
A few weeks later it has all been arranged. What seems to be a motley crew arrives a the house. They bring with them a collection of bags, with an assortment of gear with them.
At seeing them, he greets them, asking them if they would like some refreshments. They kindly thank him and partake of a fresh cup of tea. After a brief talk with his father they adjourn to the garden to set up some test for the young Solomon to take part in. It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining, but the breeze makes it just nice.
As the put him through the tests, they notice an amazing agility and an ability to adapt and overcome many problems set him. As the tests near their end, there is a clap of appreciation from the five martial artists. One by one they are introduced to him, but for some reason the one who springs to mind is the oldest and wisest of them, who he comes to know as Mr. Key.
The daily routine is one of methodical regularity with one or two building blocks each week to teach a new skill or lesson. To get up each morning, shower, eat, then Sol will retreat to do a private lesson or test, followed by meditation. Sometimes other members of the family are allowed to join, but only if it is basic and not if there is a test.
The training and testing goes on year after year until his Eleventh birthday when he finally reaches an epoch of epiphany. An age of a life changing moment in one of the tests. He has reached 13th grade in their eyes and world economy.
Being a helpful soul, Sol set out to help people in all sorts of need. From the little old lady who lives down the street in his local village to the Iron Monger who needs help cleaning or polishing the metal to a finish.
As he is going about his daily / weekly chores he comes to find that there are other like minded peoples who have clubbed together and call themselves H.P.I.N. Their MOTO : EVER AT THE READY
It stands for Help People In Need. To feel good about yourself and do a good deed for the day is one of their ethos's. Another is to take an oath to help uphold the law and good name of the kingdom. As Solomon Mattan slowly grows into his role of helper and provider for the many peoples around and about he comes to know the way around the law, but

he is always aware of empirical right and wrong. This from the teaching of his new masters. But the good name of the kingdom always seems to come first.
They will teach him many things as he goes along, from camping and survival techniques to simple cooking and first aid. As the years role on and he grows from one position in the organisation to another his understanding of life and peoples will broaden.
Finally after quite a few years of service he decides that enough is enough. Not because he has become more selfish, but because he wishes with all of his heart to go off and find his one true love. As he starts his long walk home to his one true loves heartland of whom he knows not yet, his life will take many turns.
He leaves, but as he does so he is invited to a spiritual retreat. It is a place far away, in the tallest of mountains that he has ever seen. As they approach the high mountain pass they wonder how they will get across it. As they look on they see an old rickety bridge that they have to drive across, just before they go across it the driver says' Here goes its an act of faith.' Slowly he makes his way down to it. As he does so a hushed silence ascends on the whole coach. In his mirror he can see them all huddling with eyes shut and hands praying, but he is so focused on the job in hand that he hardly notices how long it takes them to traverse the bridge.
As they look on there is a picturesque village planned out in three tiers. The highest one a platform of ancient churches and ecumenical buildings. The second level is the village itself. A mixture of hotels and houses. Then the lowest platform is where the grotto and other holy stages are provisioned.
After a couple of days of being allowed to look around the village and surrounding area they are told to go lay down, as the altitude may effect them.
As he retreats to his room and reclines to comfy position to meditate his head starts to whirl and he thinks that he is in a dream like situation. He thinks he sees a cloud above his head and them being fluffy, so much that they seem to reach out to him. Then a distant echo of a voice. He knows not what to quite make of it, but he decides to swear himself to secrecy. He only does this because it seems to be a holy and earth shattering event.
He thinks that its the most spiritual event that he has ever been swept over by in his whole life so far, yet unknowingly more is yet to come. A couple of more days pass, then one night, one of the tour guides privately says 'There is something I think that you should experience.'
They walk along to a long and winding staircase that goes up to the bar where they serve Fublae Dablae , a one litre glass of Lager and white wine. As they sit he sees a glint in the tour guides eye. They sit and sip with much happiness until half gone. Then from there the long winding staircase down to the grotto. Partially intoxicated with it they make their way down to the grotto and wonder how on earth they do not fall off the mountain. They pay their homage's to the statue of a beautiful lady dressed in a white robe. Then quietly return to the hotel where they have come from, hoping not to get caught by the tour organisers. It is six

o'clock in the morning as Sol attempts to creep into his room. As it happens it is not one of the tour organisers, but the priest that has come with them, Father Patrick and that is bad enough. In a stern whisper and a stir that would shock you almost to death he says. 'I will speak to you later!!'
As the father leaves a sad silence fills the room. Sol with a sad smile rests hid head on the pillow and grabs a few hours sleep, which to him seems like only a few minutes.
On this day of days his group is shown around the place of the many churches. Steeples and spires of such grand magnificence on the one hand and on the other small delicate carvings. As he stirs at them mesmerised his heart skips a beat, wondering if he will ever see such sights again.
In the churches they take part in services. Some of which grabs his spirit, especially when the acoustics are astounding. Even the ordinary, mundane ones have a life of their own.
At the end of this fascinating tour the father seeing the look of enthrallment on Sol's face comes up to him and says 'Look at what you could have missed out on with you foolishness!!'
Understanding the fathers words Sol thanks him and turns away to go and have a good well earned rest after a long day. As he sleeps, he does not know what awaits him the next day.

Whole story inc. mountain ledge scene.

It is early the next morning as Sol arises. He showers, dresses, eats. He is met at the front desk by two Albino girls who are in his group and a stranger. Who explain that he has been asked by the father to show them the highest part of the mountain.
They are driven up to a staging post at the head of a road and the foot of a mountain so high that he thinks it can touch the sky. As he stands there wistfully wondering what to do next the person who has taken him points to a narrow path. He carefully works his way along it until it becomes too narrow. Looking across to the far horizon he can just see the opposite mountain. As he stands there he hears a voice ask him will you join me? to which he replies 'No I have plenty to do here... Thank you!!'
Just then he nearly falls, but backwards onto the rock. As he pauses, out of the corner of his eye he sees a figure with a staff disappear into the mist. Just then he comes to his senses and carefully makes his way back along the ledge. He is then taken back down to the village in the Lords.

As he grows through his formative years he is tested and trained.. One day while undergoing his weekly duties an epiphany happens to him. He has decided to go to a running event in the middle of the countryside, which runs up and down the side of a small pike, fell, something not quite a mountain. His transport to go there is easy. As it happens the running event is only about 8km. At the end of it he finds himself feeling tip-top, but a little breathless.
As he stands there in the finish area, another successful mission even he did not win. He is not to know about the journey of discovery that he is about to undertake . He finishes getting changed and heads off to find his transport to get home, but to his surprise there was none, so he walk to the next biggest place of life. Then to the next and the next until he reaches the highway of hell. As he walks along its hard shoulder, chariots whizzing past him faster than the eye can blink. As he comes to the end of the hard shoulder, where the highways of hell converge, a cold frown floods though his face. his feelings tingle and his thoughts mingle for a short while. Then after a few tries with his magical thumb a chariot pulls up and offers him a ride, but only across this most serious of barriers, which he thought would be the void to stop him. In his heart he knows that his journey is not yet over, as he heads to the next hard shoulder, in the highways and byways of life . As he departs the chariot, he thanks them with a nod and a wink and gets on with his walking.
As he shoulders his burden in the twilight of his new dawn of experience on this day a new sense of tiredness that he has never felt before starts to fill his whole body.
As he walks his mind and spirit are as one, something new takes over. His whole being, as he heads towards the dock road of life, in his home city is nearly at an end, yet in his heartlands his fortitude will not be vanquished. As he reaches the place of training, of another kind, to his surprise his mind is still bright as a button. Changing into his special protective training gear he can barely stand, yet he finds to his amazement that it is all he will have to do for the rest of the day, just leaning on the bench and pretending to work when the instructor arrives. On this day the course, something to do with a substance called metal, apparently a ferrous material with iron, carbon in it.
On this d ay I managed acquire a lift most of the way home, which in itself is a welcome release from his tiredness.

It is some time later in his life when the next trial will be partaken.
He is blind folded and lead into a deep dungeon. It is the test of the Quench... The blindfold is taken off... the room is dimly light. In one corner of it there is a rack of cross swords..
The purpose of them was usually to kill, but on this day it would be a trial of strength, courage, wit, guile and heart.
As he unfurled the sword from the crimson, satin cloth a thin smile flashes across his face, for it is his Great Granddads Sword. His sword of justice. He was a law lord.
As he grasps it, he is directed to take his sword and kneel. Unknown to him an old lady of great importance is lead into the room. Will she stand to be older or will it be the end? The signal is given to unleash the sword and swing away. He gets to his feet and swings it, but at the last moment an unparalleled strength surges through him and he manages to stop the blade. It is in that moment that peace is born.
Later he is offered the sword for his brave deed, but says it should stay in its own place, to have its own time again.

Feather and the Storm

But a whisper, the feather moves, hovering just a little. Blowing on a hot dusty day. Then upwards it travels, dancing upon a cloud. A rumble from the distance catches it... pushing it, tossing it. This way and that.
The thunder grows ever louder, bending, shaking, not quite breaking. The feather quivers. Lightening scorches the ground ,yet the feather is nowhere around. Still aloft in the eye of the storm. Earth sodden, it abates, goes back to the clouds. Where it waits once more, for another oppressive day, where the sweat pours. The heat boils the rain slowly away. The steam rises and on the vapours. The feather floats slowly back to earth.

The Mill Pond

A place of life and death. So still like a pain of glass. Flat and calm, what lays beneath. Teaming with life, yet not a ripple, nor a sign.
At the water's edge stands a overhanging tree. In the dawn's chorus
dew drop's awakening. As the day's sun warms the dew drop falls.
Awakening the mill pond from the centre, rings of life reverberate one on top of another until the mill pond is still once more.

Mr. Key
There had been a great storm, but in the wonder of it all a feather survives to land on top of a hillside and by miracle he is left alive.
At the edge of the mill pond, on a lonely rock he sits, one fine day,
playing his magical flute. In the firmament of life he lives.
Nobody really knows his name except everybody calls him Mr Key. They believe that if he turns his mind to it he could unlock anything in the whole universe.
His face is wrinkled and withered with age, but his eyes a creamy jade,
yet a little bloodshot around the edges. A wispy beard and moustache
that slopes to a point at the bottom.
His almost withered appearance beguiling the strength and wisdom that he still has, yet all that he yearns and teaches to others is to try and live in the balance of life.

Meanwhile in another part of the kingdom.
As Solomon Mattan starts to grow up,
his life is filled with everything he wants to know.
He will venture forth a little more each time, from his
parents mountain side lodge.

It is at the edge of The Valley Of The Mountains.
He often wanders down into the Meadow by
a little meandering stream. Looking up at the trees
he can just see the caterpillars nibbling away at the leaves.

He often wonders what happens to them until one day.
What he sees will live with him forever.

Beautiful bouncing butterfly
Hopefully hopping from flower to flower.
Nectar itís gold from cocoonís way.
Wings so delicate slowly unfold.

In summerís gentle breeze
Aloft with nothing much more than a sneeze.
To ease its way, floating happily.

With bated breath we gaze.
In the warm summer haze
Watching as it majestically
Wings its way in our inner space.

The harp and she

The harp sings as she feathers the strings.
In her beautiful white summer's dress,
her fingers dance, without a single glance.

A spiritual devotion
In the fire of the soul,
listened to in every note.

Purity of heart, the sounds never stop.
Strength of fingers so nimble,
character of music rekindled.

As he sits watching the butterfly and listening to the beautiful harp music, his mind turns back to the dungeon. Remembering the old lady, in a moment of pure tranquillity she is now his Princess of peace, Queen of Hearts.

Nurturing nature in his heart Sol is about to be awakened into a battle from which no mere mortal can return without the aid of his master and a huge slice of luck.

Darkness drips from her lips.
her eyes sunk in bewitching light dimmed.
heart blackened like the night with no moon.

The hurricane of hate hides deep within her soul.
Her spirit quenched in fires of hell.
Her body beguilingly, beautifully fragile.

The season of the darkest magic dwells within.
An unholy alliance, does she have an evil twin?
Does The Tales Of The Tear live within,
will she be vanquished or no?

As her darkness and Mr. Key stand in front of each other, an emotion so deep fills the whole space that surrounds them.

The tale of the tear
sobbing, searing heart,
dwells deep within the cavern
of all souls, a world apart.

The pool of life is where it starts.
but a droplet of unrefined emotion.
After all of those hours of selfless devotion.

To loose something with no notion.
It starts to well up as if in the eye of a storm.
and gives you no more promotion.

Lost in its own wet potion,
the tear climbs
until the eye duct opens.

Then it cascades forth
south to the cheek
Making us feel mild and meek.

Mr. Key Stands, steely eyed in front of her. Let the battle commence.

As this is happening Mr. Key beckons Sol to leave while he still has chance.

Feeling half starved he stoops to pick what he thinks is a mushroom. In the darkness of the deepest cavern he wanders almost in a stupor until he can just see with a glimmer of hope a twinkling of light, but he is still trapped in his own minds eye.

The Madness of Solomon

I am the mythical monk,
I hope I don't waffle on too much
or you'll do a bunk.
I exist and no, low the angels sing.
In my habit you going to learn how much I can rabbit.
At the cross roads of wisdom, I show folks around...
Nobody ever knows I never missed them.
Twas a ghost girlies, I never kissed them.

I stand here with my staff deep within the system.
My creamy Jade eyes gives rise to a ironic smile,
to show everybody its worth my while.
Yet deep inside my stomach churns and
my heart takes a ride, thumping ever stronger.
Will my abstinence gives in,
I wonder, I ponder, will I meet my bride a yonder.
In the chasms of my heart, spirit and soul,
will I have and to hold, to love and to grow old.
Or will I spend an eternity in service down here,
spouting histrionics about our guide and all his tonics.
Love bewitches in many sonnets...
like the frog and the prince,
a transmogrifying
glimpse of maidens many bonnets.

My wistful beard slowly waves in the breathless breeze,
where air is nothing unless you sneeze.
Yet twas in the highest of the deepest of caverns, one day our hearts raised.
As we saw spiralling a flock of beautiful bouncing butterflies.
Like a host of angels dance upon high and
a golden glitter seemed to float behind them.
As our hearts lit up the cave.

As Sol's head slowly clears he feels a breath of wind caress his face and its for the first time that he truly starts to understand what faith really is. In his mind he knows that hearts can light up the darkest place.
As he exits the labyrinth of caves he walks for a while until he comes upon a house that has a life of its own.

The old house has a life of its own
The walls creak and the floor boards groan.
Wind blows through the rickety doors.

Two narrow rooms, no windows in sight.
The dark and damp gives us a fright.
Resounding sounds of footsteps all around

chilled to the bone, as the shadows never leave us alone.
The old man's shadow stalks the front door.
Imagine turning around, but there's nobody there.

As he stands outside the house that has a life of its own an emptiness fills him, unparalleled in his universe. While in the cavern that he has left behind, that battle rages, he can feel the earth shake.
In the next moment his emotions are sparked.. He thinks.

Do you feel that drastic
that you dare to burn
down a dream house made
of Matchsticks. Do you demand
some retribution as your solution.

Yet in the cavern below unknown to him the evil one has been vanquished, even though his master too has put his life in the bin. As they both die she becomes water and he starts to grow into a beautiful plant by the edge of a pond. Both of them in time will become not poisonous.

Meanwhile as sol contemplates the universe his whole life is about to be turned upside down.

Sinew torn from limb to limb, I want to put that evil one in the bin.
On the blackest night, the blackest heart I found.
Heart ripped from the sky, thunder and lightening, the last goodbye.
the blood curdling screams, as the storm reseeds.
A harp can be heard just above the now distant rumblings of thunder.
Beads of sweat drip from the sodden body,
as face to face we look at each others quarry
In the roughest moment, there is a tenderness of tear's
What happened next is only for the angels to see.
With their wings out stretched will they lift up him or me?

It is in that very moment that Sol is saved by a bolt of lightening. His foe smited he walks tiredly on.
He comes to a rock where he hears singing, yet he sees not a soul. As he stirs at the rocks he starts to see a faint outline coming to life. He walks towards it and sees that it is a beautiful statue of a lady. Thinking how wonderful it would be for her to be his, he kisses her on the lips. As she comes slowly to life she speaks an unspoken language.
Her actions tell him that she is the one for him. She speaks only once to say her name. 'I am Shai' From this day forward they will be inseparable .

Only fate knows what truly becomes of them. Some say that they married, raised a family and the kingdom of peace lives on. While other say that they both died defending what they both believed in and became beautiful butterflies, dancing throughout the skies.

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