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 delete delete        (More) 7/26/2019
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Comfy and safe in a bag,
What are those big things that is opening up my place?
Ahhhhh.....down I go
I'm in a bowl, say it isn't so
Ah, what is on my head?
Don't poke me as I said
The spoon, the spoon is after me
Stirring me around, I think I am going to be sick
Squishy and mixed, testing this out, I don't lilke this
I don't like it here, get me out
Oooh, I shouldn't have said that because
Here I go, a square house
Oh what is this place?
Nice I can lay down
By why is it getting hot in here
What is going on?
I'm turning to a crisp
This is not good....
Cooked alive,
Get me outta here if you could,
Big thing coming at me
The lid opened up
Ah finally,
I can cool down
Hmm...I look pretty nice
I'm not that mix anymore
What a price!
What is being patted on my head
Eh, this is not good
Ow my hair, watch it you stupid spoon
I am bleeding don't you see it, its pink gew
Back in the fridge I go
Time to freeze, say it isn't so
I'm hearing noises
Is this a party?
Hey stop grabbing at me, this is my place now
Go outside and have a cow
What is this?
Now this I like
I'm faced in front of something looking at me
This is different, is this for real
This is got a be a mistake
First I was a mix and now I am beautiful cake.

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