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 Don't Call Me Arrogant riki_ryme        (More) 5/28/2014

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The package had been there when I last looked.
But, a travel agents’ ad hinted passage had been booked.
Although last seen in my cupboard, in America,
I now found no English muffins within all the area.

Had they become homesick and taken their leave?
Had they relatives in England for who they grieve?
Was I meant to have an English muffin nevermore?
Generic muffins always struck the palate as such a bore.

About then, I heard my young son playing in his room
And went to tell him to be ready for breakfast soon.
My eyes fell on his tinker toy set and what he was to build.
He was using my English muffins, put to use quite skilled.
Knowing they had not left me, I must admit I was thrilled.

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