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My Wish For You

refresh and words in sync beginning with the first note...

A new day, the same way, for you I still will always pray,
...where ever you are... if you're thinking no one's near I'm still right here
you're on my mind each day ... nothing changed

Seems like forever ... since the last time... that we just talked
but I know you've got to have your own way that you dance..
I still will follow ... pavings of peace... where.. you walk
A wandering flow as you go~ travelling where He asks....

There are sure to be those special times...
when I ...might write you in another rhyme
it's just my talk... every loving thought when I... imagine that you are here...

For every single mountain that you climb
I'm praying for the peace and strength to find
all of the right paths... leading on where... there's guiding light....

If I could give one gift... it would be wrapped in happiness purest gold ... on narrow roads that leads to heaven's trails ..
where true hearts never fail ~~~ we can ...

...believe it ... for He is ...
....unlocking doors that make a way after day
....Our constant that still makes the best of ways
and gives us the songs to sing and words .....we need to say~~~~

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Music Courtesy;
Yukie Nishimura
'Give You Happiness'

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