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Right Into You

music set to acoustic alchemy song
see timing below in video

Right Into You

:35 seconds...

If the night gets too hard ~ you're alone while a storm's blowin' ~ and colliding with good,
you think you will fall....

...and that mockingbird song ~ is still scattering, mattering
but tomorrows brand new!

With the greenest of the green
and the bluest of the blue
Wait and see ~ He's the one
He is pouring His love all over ~ and under ~ and right into you

If the world's closing in ~ and you thought he was lost to you
Know that He found hidden deep within ~ the storm laden clouds
You have come into view ~ His rainbow hues ~ of every color for you

When the sun ~ fades from the day ~ it's just making the new way
for the stars and the moon...

He is pouring his love ~ all over ~ and under ~ and right into you...

Into your heart ~ wherever ~you should go
He still does want you to know, He's near
If someone is cryin'
He's supplying
whatever you need
He guarantees
to set captives free
Through ups and the downs
He still will ~
and can be found
call in your need
Beyond what you see
Let Him have the lead
only believe
Beyond mortal sphere
angels rejoicing
in jubilee!

(Interlude 2:36)

(3:21) The sun is spinning a round ~ think on all the good things ~ being wrapped in your day
one step at a time ~ come whatever will may.
Do you hear an old mockingbird song
sing a much better tune?

And as the sun fades ~ from this day
could he be making the way
for the stars and the moon
while pouring his love all over ~ and under ~ and right into you..
~into you~

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Music kind Courtesy of
Acoustic Alchemy;
'Positive Thinking'
Used with written permission from
Moonstone Music.

I do not always write asking for permission to use a musicians songs or even the graphics
but I have noted that if they apparently disapproved of my supporting their art,
it is somehow removed. So be it. I believe in artistry being supported by artistry. ~Debera

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