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When your eyes met mine

From the first moment I layed eyes on you
your spirit leaped out and renewed my being
in a way that was so familiar but yet so
unique somehow I know we have been together all our lives
even prior to this life beside each other
we just had to find each other again
and here we are
soft and gentle like a real gentleman you are
your always also brave and strong
not to mention highly spirited with many talents
everything I asked for in a man
When your eyes met mine my whole life flashed before me and clashed with yours then I would see you showing me your life and in that moment I knew you were going to play a part in my life I just didnt know exactly how when and where and omg why

you my dear just blew me away with your beautiful aora around you
When your eyes met mine I was fixed of you my dear
but at the time I was not ready for you but honey
my sweet love My dear
how could I ever repay you for your unconditional love
your drive and blessings you have layed before me
I will forever be in your life your mind heart and soul my dear my love my life my Twin Flame not just my soulmate but my everything

To be continued,,,,

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