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 anybody pamschwetz        (More) 5/29/2015
 You Saw Tears AbbasEwe        (More) 5/28/2015
 Not far away. AbbasEwe        (More) 5/28/2015
 The Shores Of My Heart George_Martin        (More) 5/23/2015
 Moonlight vandana        (More) 5/21/2015
 Let's Burn Those Bridges, From Our Past George_Martin        (More) 5/21/2015
 Georgia Swamp Cover Up George_Martin        (More) 5/18/2015
 take me as I am pamschwetz        (More) 5/17/2015
 Better Change The Will George_Martin        (More) 5/14/2015
 WILL I EVER FIND MY WAY pamschwetz        (More) 5/14/2015
 Scarlet Red George_Martin        (More) 5/12/2015
 Your Mothers Letter George_Martin        (More) 5/10/2015
 Like Him George_Martin        (More) 5/9/2015
 Sorry Willy, Really, I Am bubby        (More) 5/7/2015
 Feelin Free George_Martin        (More) 5/4/2015
 The Day The Angels Came George_Martin        (More) 5/3/2015
 Dreaming George_Martin        (More) 5/2/2015
 My Dreams Came True George_Martin        (More) 4/30/2015
 Raining In My Home George_Martin        (More) 4/28/2015
 The Devil's Daughter George_Martin        (More) 4/26/2015
 The Heartbroke Piano Player (Ronnie Milsap) George_Martin        (More) 4/26/2015
 You Only Say You Love Me When You Drink George_Martin        (More) 4/26/2015
 Does She Ever Ask About Me? George_Martin        (More) 4/25/2015
 This Dream That I Created George_Martin        (More) 4/24/2015
 It's Your Day AbbasEwe        (More) 4/24/2015
 My Sweet Darling George_Martin        (More) 4/23/2015
 Butterfly George_Martin        (More) 4/23/2015
 Rain Rain Please Go Away George_Martin        (More) 4/22/2015
 Just Her Clown George_Martin        (More) 4/21/2015
 Till The Day I Die George_Martin        (More) 4/21/2015

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is there anybody out there
feeling lonely like I do
does anybody care
about the pain I'm going through

is there anybody out there
feeling lonely like I do
can anybody hear me
is my message getting through

if we search long and hard
can we find each other to
comfort one another
can we find a love that's true

do we have to wait forever
to one day be together
can we speed it up a bit
give each other subtle hints

if we don't know what we want
how can we ever find it
will this feeling always haunt
just can't wrap my mind around it

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