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Cosmic Parasol

I am a fire
I am a warning
I am a fever
I am a boiling pot, boiling over
Darling, do you dare to touch me?
Darling, do you dare to bathe in me?
Darling do you dare to cast off your shadow
And, wear only me like an infernal ring of fire
With an opalescent-core of midnight moonlight
That will circumference all around you
Darling, do you dare and taste, taste me?
I am the tears the sentiment
That hides in your heart
I am the tsunami wave
That'll sweep away your soul.
Darling, do you yearn to be saved
By a creator who makes you feel all that
Do you yearn to sleep in these arms?
And never look back
Coz-if you do, I'll love only you
The same way too
The same way, the same way,
Darling are you willing to dance beneath my
Cosmic parasol
Till all this cosmic dust settles, no longer guides,
Or lights our way,
Darling, tell me what do you say.


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