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The Lord Blessed Me Today

The Lord Blessed Me Today
By Super Slim Jim

As I have said before
The Lord Blessed me today
When I heard him whisper
In my ear and say

Dear Son You are my chosen one
Your Spirit will soar to the heaven's this day
For I have called you Name
and You are amounts the chosen ones

To be written down in the book of Life
You shall forever be with me Heaven Bound
When your days on earth are through
The pass to heaven's gate is for you

For the Lord has Blessed you Mind Body and Soul
Your Soul will be elevated through the sevenths heaven
And you will be held at the highest esteem
Flowing through Heaven's Holy water's Rivers and streams

Blessed by the Father of Creation
For every generation
The Lord has Blessed them all
All Generations over all the Centuries

Yes the Lord has Blessed me today
in each and every way
I am Happy and I must say
Thank you Dear Jesus I pray Amen

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