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 IS FREEDOM TRULY FREE georgeporge        (More) 10/10/2015
 live and learn pamschwetz        (More) 9/23/2015
 RIGHT OR WRONG georgeporge        (More) 9/15/2015
 Just Bring Your A Game pamschwetz        (More) 9/9/2015
 SHIRLEY georgeporge        (More) 8/20/2015
 Why George_Martin        (More) 8/13/2015
 A Man From The Streets George_Martin        (More) 8/11/2015
 Get Lost in the Music pamschwetz        (More) 8/9/2015
 I Just Wanna Be With You pamschwetz        (More) 8/6/2015
 LIFE'S SONG georgeporge        (More) 8/2/2015
 MY WAY or HIS WAY georgeporge        (More) 7/22/2015
 Back To You Job-Cian Jones-Williams        (More) 7/14/2015
 Happy Again Job-Cian Jones-Williams        (More) 7/13/2015
 I Need Your Touch George_Martin        (More) 7/4/2015
 I Love You George_Martin        (More) 7/2/2015
 Stacy I Love You George_Martin        (More) 6/30/2015
 Does Not Play Well With Others pamschwetz        (More) 6/28/2015
 Wishes George_Martin        (More) 6/25/2015
 A New Beginning KittyChajin        (More) 6/24/2015
 A Bridge I Can't Burn George_Martin        (More) 6/23/2015
 Gotta Find a Way pamschwetz        (More) 6/23/2015
 Just Shut It All Out pamschwetz        (More) 6/22/2015
 My Pillow George_Martin        (More) 6/14/2015
 What's Goin' On Universe? pamschwetz        (More) 6/13/2015
 Willie and his guitar named Trigger Dickybird        (More) 6/12/2015
 Memories Of You George_Martin        (More) 6/11/2015
 I Need You George_Martin        (More) 6/8/2015
 My Sweet Baby Rose George_Martin        (More) 6/5/2015
 rather be free pamschwetz        (More) 6/4/2015
 A Womans Not To Live Her Life In Fear George_Martin        (More) 6/2/2015

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Listen girls and boys
Sin is your Freedom of Choice
It's really up to you
to do what you want to do.

God didn't make you a puppet
nor make you a martinet
He let you live free and easy
choose your own destiny.

But freedom ain't always free
there's a price for you and me
So when you make your decision
beware of a hasty decision.

When it comes to freedom of choice
listen carefully to the LORD'S Voice
Don't take advantage
be cautious, don't mismanage..

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