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 Dream Thought's in Song Redrosepetals        (More) 9/25/2016
 Tiny Technicolor Lanterns Imbedded_Crystal        (More) 9/21/2016
 blame pamschwetz        (More) 9/21/2016
 Quiet my soul  Debera        (More) 9/6/2016
 For Friends Debera        (More) 9/4/2016
 Truly Debera        (More) 9/1/2016
 Frenzy pamschwetz        (More) 8/30/2016
 You and Me...Separately pamschwetz        (More) 8/15/2016
 Lost in the 80s pamschwetz        (More) 7/17/2016
 Untouchable pamschwetz        (More) 7/11/2016
 Go Outta That Door pamschwetz        (More) 7/10/2016
 just stop it pamschwetz        (More) 7/9/2016
 Keepin It Real pamschwetz        (More) 7/4/2016
 maybe I'm just too naive pamschwetz        (More) 6/25/2016
 Nowhere to Run Away from Yourself pamschwetz        (More) 6/19/2016
 We Salute You pamschwetz        (More) 6/16/2016
 The Way You Really Feel pamschwetz        (More) 6/16/2016
 I Don't Suppose pamschwetz        (More) 6/15/2016
 When The Thrill Is Gone pamschwetz        (More) 6/11/2016
 Mad Contagion Imbedded_Crystal        (More) 6/8/2016
 The Faceless Imbedded_Crystal        (More) 6/8/2016
 Just Write It For You pamschwetz        (More) 6/5/2016
 ECSTASY georgeporge        (More) 5/23/2016
 APPLE OF MY EYE georgeporge        (More) 5/22/2016
 CHOO CHOO SO LONG georgeporge        (More) 5/18/2016
 Be Your Own Cheerleader pamschwetz        (More) 5/17/2016
 Your Love ConnieRaeVigil        (More) 5/4/2016
 IN PRAISE georgeporge        (More) 5/2/2016
 IN ADORATION georgeporge        (More) 5/1/2016
 LOVE SONG georgeporge        (More) 5/1/2016

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Dream Thought's in Song

Everyone has a dark side
But please come back from the dark side
Please come back from your dark side
That was the deceiver, deceiving you
So please come back from your dark side
Please come back from the dark side
Please come back from your dark side
Because you know the truth
That I will always love you.

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