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a place to stay

A Place To Stay

When the stars meet the morning light
And on opening my eyes
I know it is You Lord
Who keeps us in the light
And gave us this day
And a place to stay
For awhile

Green meadows drops of dew
Wildflowers and a friend in you
Peaceful rain on white birch leaves
Warmed by the firelight
Jesus its you and me

When life meets in the dark of night
And on closing my eyes
I know it is You Lord who'll take us from the night
And give us our day
And a place to stay

With long walks on streets of gold
Behind pearly gates where all hearts unfold
Butterfly shed your cocoon
Be ready
I heard, He's coming soon
Let His light shine in you...

When the sun has set and it's night
I know that You Lord
Will keep us safe at night
Tomorrow, another day
For now a place to stay
With You

No Frills Challenge

A Place to Stay, a song,
written in 1980

- written by me in 1980, such a young growing Chistian
as i imagined what heavenly thoughts
and His care on earth might be.

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