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 Reasons Why 02L        (More) 3/21/2008
 On Contemplation 02L        (More) 4/25/2008
 Conclusion's Phase 02L        (More) 4/25/2008
 If I Close My Eyes Forever Revised 02L        (More) 3/13/2008
 Speed Limits 02L        (More) 3/14/2008
 On Seasons 02L        (More) 5/31/2008
 On Perceptions 02L        (More) 10/3/2008
 Legends 02L        (More) 3/24/2008
 Never Again 02L        (More) 3/16/2008
 Weather Vane 02L        (More) 3/17/2008
 Murder Suicide 02L        (More) 7/2/2008
 On Regret 02L        (More) 3/21/2008
 Opposites Attract 02L        (More) 4/10/2009
 Suddenly Love 02L        (More) 3/25/2008
 Love Shared Yesterday 02L        (More) 2/12/2009
 On Honesty 02L        (More) 3/24/2008
 On Reflection 02L        (More) 8/6/2011
 Standard of Living 02L        (More) 7/28/2008
 Change 02L        (More) 5/4/2008
 Stone Walls 02L        (More) 7/21/2010
 Rosetta Stone 02L        (More) 2/2/2009
 Tomorrow Shown 02L        (More) 5/30/2008
 After The Battle 02L        (More) 8/11/2008
 ˇ°Oughtopiaˇ± Sonnet adolescent aged        (More) 11/11/2003
 COMFORT Aggy Bouksten        (More) 3/14/2006
 Into The Deep aileen_luv        (More) 2/4/2010
 Just Before Dawn AlwaysMyWords        (More) 10/21/2010
 Just Outside the Realm (A Sonnet) AlwaysMyWords        (More) 10/17/2008
 Outside the Realm (A Sonnet) AlwaysMyWords        (More) 1/21/2011
 Cower Not AlwaysMyWords        (More) 5/8/2010

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Reasons Why


Pushkin Sonnet

The distance between day and night,
rewarding circles keeping score.
Review the sudden change in sight,
since circumstance has declared war.

Venture into temptation's mind,
collecting secrets left behind.
Revise meaning of honesty,
learning silence is never free.

Continue to misunderstand,
the many stones now being thrown.
Words written by deception's hand,
meaning behind reflections shown.

How many grains of sand must die,
searching in vain for reasons why?

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