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 Untitled Andrew.C        (More) 10/25/2004
  'An Angels Broken Wings' Shirley shaw        (More) 4/18/2008
  'Angelic-Like Beings' Shirley shaw        (More) 1/26/2008
  'Be Not Decieved' Shirley shaw        (More) 7/5/2008
  'Behold Your Dreams' Shirley shaw        (More) 2/4/2008
  'God Is My Rock And Roll' Shirley shaw        (More) 2/10/2008
  'God Prevails Again' Shirley shaw        (More) 3/18/2008
  'His Love Is Im-measurable' Shirley shaw        (More) 3/28/2008
  'I Promise' Shirley shaw        (More) 2/6/2009
  'Just Believe In Him' Shirley shaw        (More) 8/23/2008
  'Look Closely And You Will See' Shirley shaw        (More) 7/24/2008
  'Lord please Let Me In' Shirley shaw        (More) 9/13/2009
  'Lord Please Let Me In' Shirley shaw        (More) 2/3/2008
  'On The Way To Heaven' Shirley shaw        (More) 2/21/2008
  'Our Wake Up Call' Shirley shaw        (More) 10/29/2008
  'Please Don't Laugh At Me' Shirley shaw        (More) 6/8/2008
  'Satans' Home' Shirley shaw        (More) 8/23/2008
  'The Divine One' Shirley shaw        (More) 1/23/2008
  'The Real Signs Of Easter' Shirley shaw        (More) 3/20/2008
  'There Are Angels Everywhere' Shirley shaw        (More) 3/28/2008
  'Today I Pray Extra Hard' Shirley shaw        (More) 6/1/2008
  'When' momsgirl2        (More) 7/28/2009
  (((That Is Love))) Halfpint        (More) 4/14/2007
  (A Stream Of Happiness) Susie Brown        (More) 4/24/2007
  (Why God Is Not Enough) Susie Brown        (More) 6/29/2015
  .. Official Notice, Has Been Given .. zero501        (More) 11/15/2010
  .. Take Away .. zero501        (More) 11/2/2010
  A Chance for Me! Pre_Sis. Jerri        (More) 7/10/2000
  A LETTER TO HEAVEN angel78        (More) 5/1/2006
  A Mighty God darlalove        (More) 1/6/2003

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And there I was at the edge of the universe
Faith holding my right hand
Reason holding my left
Both powers connected feebly by mortality
United honestly in the face of immortality.

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