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Is Satan a name for God's

righteous anger?

In holy scripture, 2 Samuel chapt.24 The anger of the Lord is provoked
by Israel's lack of faith in his promise to protect them and causes King David to number Israel for purposes of judgement. In 1 Chronicles vs.21, describing the same event, holy scripture says 'And Satan tempted, and provoked David to number the people of Israel' for the same reasons whereby God punishes Israel to teach
them a lesson for their lack of faith and obedience.
People have always been encouraged by their leaders in various ways,
usually by giving them fun and games to have lots of kids so they would
not be outnumbered by their enemies in war. Thus developed the rat race
competition mentality in a world where planet Earth is becoming unfit for human habitation and needs quality control?
Is it possible, that History, God's story, is composed in a holy metaphor
where in the end, God will reclaim his people Israel after they have learned to trust him and he will bury the hatchet, 'Satan', by forgiving and forgetting the disobedience of his people,, Israel, symbolized by casting Satan, that hard old school master, a necessary part of God, into a lake of fire for his eternal sleep, because God is kind and wants to impress us by forming a lasting impression in a way that will cause us to love him forever? Is not life a continuous learning process where we all get badly burned from time to time and there is weeping and gnashing of teeth? Is not
Jesus, who came not to call the righteous to repentance, but to heal the sick
a loving God?
God bless us everyone.

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