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Churches are the Pharisees
Of this generation.
They build the walls that stand between
You and your salvation.

A church insinuates itself
Into salvationís troth.
Baptizing souls into its ranks,
To see to its own growth.

Its acolytes come to believe
That their church is the one.
That leads the lost into the light,
Like Godís own holy Son.

They lead their flocks far from the light,
With arrogant deceit.
They claim they are the way to grace,
With pretentious conceit.

They even say it is Godís will,
That they open the gate.
A gate that lay within their doors,
To save you from your fate.

For you need more than Christ you see,
To help you in your search.
The only path to heavenís gate,
Is that led by the church.

They know the waters of Godís grace,
And where His stream will flow.
The have the answers for the truths
That only God should know.

Baptism is a holy pact,
Between the Lord and you.
But churches think this sacred trust
Should be about them too.

Yet no one saves but Jesus Christ,
Heís all youíll ever need.
He took the lashes meant for you,
For you He chose to bleed.

No other Savior walked that path,
Christ is the only one.
And none who claim to share His grace,
Are servants of the Son.

Such entities serve their own needs,
Corrupting all they touch.
Dependency is what they preach,
As they become your crutch.

But Godís church is a different sort,
It wasnít built by man.
It dwells within the human heart,
Our Lord formed with His hand.

This is the pulpit where God speaks
To those who seek the Word.
A Word of truth, a way of life,
That very few have heard.

For most seek God behind a door,
Of cedar oak or birch.
They are convinced the holy road,
Begins within a church.

So churches become entities,
That loom above us all.
With power granted them by God,
Through which we rise or fall.

At least thatís what the churches say,
To those who do not know.
Yet churches seek to build a flock,
To help their power grow.

So they convince the willing soul,
That only on their ark,
Will he not be cast from Godís sight,
Into the wailing dark.

But didnít Jesus warn His flock
That false prophets would rise,
And preach deception in His name,
As if it were a prize?

Be wary of the baying wolf,
Who dons the fleece of white.
He leads his prey far from the flock,
Into the cold dark night.

When pride corrupts the righteous man,
Heís easily enticed.
Heíll follow those who build him up,
Even the anti-Christ.

But Jesus is the only one
In all of creation,
Whoís sacrifice earned Him the right
To offer salvation.

And if we let His spirit in,
Our earthly walls will fall.
Then we will see salvationís light,
And hear our Saviorís call.

Churches are the Pharisees
Of this generation.
They build the walls that stand between
You and your salvation.

freDfinet = Different

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