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Not Hell

Please not I ~ am begging, for hell's not my friend
so long I have been working, issued passport heaven sent

Shudder and I stammer with heat upon my brow
for each of us a decision and we must make it now!

No I'm not a saint I've been a sinner of sorts
yet Jesus came knocking , and He began with me to court

He loved me more than any
offered loved with plenty

Humbly accepting His gift of life above
all my sins forgiven with His almighty love

Hell is not my destiny
all my sin is yesterday

Granted pardon from above
My destiny shall come

Heavens holy child, of one of them
~~ I have become ~~

So now I ask this question
with me why won't you come?

composed for Al's
two places to go when you die.
one will it be? Can you know?

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