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Floral Reminders

I think the saying is, “April showers bring May flowers.”
This year however, it’s “Please no more rain, at least for a couple of hours.”
But like most, I enjoy all the color that June flowers bring,
Yellow, pink, purple, white, and yes even green.

The beauty of nature often brings me to my knees,
His painting of floral pictures, brings me peace.
He knows how to quiet this girls troubled heart,
And He knows that flowers are often a very good start.

I like to walk through the pastures, at mom and dads farm,
Love the smell of the grasses, almost as tall as my arm.
The flowers in their natural state, so proud and so pretty,
Waving in the summer air, can make me a little giddy.

June flowers are out everywhere,
The seeds sown by the birds in the air.
They remind of God and His creation,
Every tongue, color, tribe and nation.

June flowers/Marty.Live challenge

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