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Love and justice go together.
Our thoughts have in some way fetter.
Very important, genuine love makes us better.
Evil love is no love at all.

America is in trouble because of this.
No one hardly wants to face this.
Did you know, tolerance has to be dealt with.

Justice has to take effect by police officers.
United we stand, divided we fall.
Sow seeds of love, and answer the call.
The rapture will take place, but not for all.
I love you, and God loves you. But you have to call.
Christ Jesus died for all.
Even-though, you have to call.

Go to God in sincerely sinner's prayer.
O, Christ Jesus will meet you there.

The things that displeases God must displease us.
O, did you know we must pray for them.
God will judge them.
Eternal punishment He don't like to give.
The evil ones choose how they live.
He don't have any choice.
Everyone has their own choice.
Robots, God does not want.

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