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A whisper of sunlight crept slowly
Through my window today,
He had on a long coat and long hair
And a huge smile what more can I SAY.

He embraced me with his warmth
And gave me a feeling of divine love,
I haver never felt anything like it
This peace must have come from above.

His eyes gazed right through me
And the tears started to flow,
He spoke very softly and smiled
And said, you have been blessed now go.

You prayed for a blessing my son
Iknow you have had troubles in your life,
But you're a good man and from this day
Forward you will have none of this strife.

I pullled back the curtains no-one in sight
Had I dreamt this wonderful miracle of fate?
I didn't know but I was so happy and elated
To tell my friends I couldn't wait.

But really it's not something you can explain
But I am sure pleased to feel peace and happiness again,
I know what I heard and saw with my own eyes
To believe this was a miracle is one for the wise.

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