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Two Sides Of A Mountain

Every mountain has two sides,
when you start your journey
you start from lowest ground.

When first you start out,
each step seems so simple
through pastures of green.

You seem to glide through them
at the speed of sound.

Then as you rise higher above the ground,
your steps become slower
with each new terrain.

Yet something pushes you on
at times driving you insane.

You have found at some point
within your short life,
that something with meaning
waits for you; on the other side!

It is at this point you begin to find,
your heart has been touched by
something Divine.

You know in your heart to never loose sight,
of the prize that awaits on the other side.

So you continue to struggle through life's
struggles and strife.
Knowing that God will never abandon you,
His love will always suffice!

He awaits you with rewards so grand,
He strengthens your feet and grip in your hands.
He will always know just how much
you can stand!

Then when it is time to go,
God will call you up from the mountain top.
Then He will set you down on the other side.

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