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Lord, thank You for bringing me through
days of adversity and illness.
You are my rock and my salvation.
I will obey You all the days of my life,
for it is in You that I find hope and healing.
When darkness slides its way into
the dawning day, I kneel and pray to You.
Difficult days come to every one of us...
it is in these times that faith wavers.
Stand strong!
He is there to carry you.
Pray for strength to carry on in faith.


All of us experience times when illness comes calling. It may be just a few days with a minor case of cold or flu. Or it may be a chronic illness such as Diabetes or heart problems. It is then that we most need our Savior in our hearts and in our minds.
Do not despair, for the Lord of Hosts will be by your side to help you through
your trials. Depend on the Light of the world, Jesus Christ, to lead you through whatever you are facing.


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