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Revolve and Thrive

Windows of eternity stained on your skin,
your ageless eyes journey on the wind.
Freedom and purpose are offered upon your wing,
and lessons to learn with new offerings.

Words ripe and luscious, wisdom full and rich,
you offer them freely from your divine lips.
The splendid proverbs that flow from your breath
are the universal circles of life and death.

Daily you come to melt the stubborn ideals
that are linear and made with a cold steel.
You dissolve the rigid walls that need to fade,
to allow shapes of joy and sorrow to be refined.

To curve and transform is your will night and day,
as you gracefully move and warp my space.
The gravity delightfully pulls me into you
to secure the thought that rides well and true.

I revolve and thrive in all your various ways
in the circle and dance through the ages.
Your wisdom is rich, complete and whole
like the full moon with a heart of gold.

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