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I reached and found the meager edge
Of what was hoped a sturdy ledge.
When desperate, as many do,
I assigned my fate to You.
‘Neath fingertips, the pebbles fell.
But, then a voice clearly did tell
Me, ‘Remove that which is not secure.
Ignore the view of downward lure.’
Again, proceeding as was told,
I cleared a seeming-good handhold
And placed my upward gaze ahead.
I preferred this day not to be dead.
In answer to my earnest quest
To better prove which move was best
The ledge supported me in style.
Why had I doubted all the while?
With the ledge beneath my two feet
I could enjoy safe route to meet
Others near that mountaintop.
I could look down now to the drop.
A certain ending, I saw there
If I had not had faith in prayer.
Others such as myself that day
Had reaffirmed the need to pray.
With thought or whisper, shout out loud,
Beneath Him, I then humbly bowed.
He sees my need to reach the top
So, points the way when, lost, I stop.

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