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Creating Your Reality-Simplified

God is All and everything
Everything is contained in God
In Him we live and move and have our being
All mind is one mind subdivided into entities... Us
This mind, (consciousness) is a vast network of realities
Each of us have or experience our own reality
We each control (Create by default) our reality
It is created haphazardly due to conflicts within us
We must resolve these conflicts to create purposely
We create with every thought... entitylike thoughtforms
These are thoughtforms that congregate with like thoughtforms
They create our reality by eliciting emotions within us
And by their very nature as building blocks forming realities
All of this happens within God's mind... All and Everything
In an infinitely progressing reality of experience
We are Gods, all of us, as Jesus said...
Gods create as it is the nature of Gods to create
What we put into thinking we get back... reciprocation
One must Relax, be joyful, and love all...
That is it...

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