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A Sickness

I have some kind of sickness, I don't know what I should do.
Every chance I get to do it, I give everything to you.

All the things you've done to hurt me, make no difference in my choice.
Always ready, willing, waiting, just to cater to your voice.

It's a sickness, slowly poisons me.
You take my breath and I can't breathe.
The constant state of what I need, enduring what you do to me.

This sickness causes me to do these things that I dont understand.
I give in to your every whim, regardless of what I had planned.
Regardless of the gesture that you show me with your outreached hand,
The benefits are great, the torture afterward is far too grand.

I'm just so sick, it's twisted and it never seems to go away.
I'm crazy, sane, in love, in pain, completely drained I'll find a way.
I'll do whatever it might take to be involved for one more day.

This sickness is a secret that i always have to hide
Left to fester in these feelings no one cares about,
I hold inside.
This sickness makes me sacrifice so much,
But most of all, my pride.

What extremes will I allow myself to go to? I go through so much.
The only small relief I ever have is when I feel your touch.

Although itís never lasting and the truth about its sickening,
My love is everlasting as the pain that all this sickness brings.
Iím well aware; I still donít care if Iím prepared for anything.
I fear my weakened soul will tear each time I dare
to have these flings.

It seems Iím getting sicker so much quicker, looking for a fix.
When left to my devices, I get off on playing games and tricks.
The hatefulness and wickedness I act upon should not exist.
Because youíre gone, it canít be fixed.

Iíll take responsibility.
Itís all my fault cause I create the sickness thatís instilled in me.
To crave this insignificant and short lived feeling, thrilling me.
So driven that itís killing me.

I donít know if itís possible for me to start becoming well.
I canít escape this endless love I dwell in, since the day I fell.
I only know that living life without you is like living hell.

Iím caught up in this sickness that has weakened me in every way.
My love for you a weakness, so Iíll pay the price I have to pay.
The proof you wonít be mine again, no matter what I do or say.

Iíve been so sick and lately it has made me quite unsure,
Of the fate that must await me if I cannot find a cure.

Suzanne Lopez

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