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Encased in Gold

Tonight i cried
tears streaming down my face
not because im hurt
or because i have a skinned knee

The hot water from the shower
gathers them as they run down the drain
leading them from my heart
to a world in which they don't exist

you call it betrayal
i call it survival
a negative whisper from her
but you stand your ground

it has been a lesson
in recognizing my place in this triad
i face it every day without a shiver
it's mirrored in each action and word

jealousy doesn't exist
it has no place in my heart
as i love you both sincerely
without hesitation

i am owned by you
and by you alone
i wear your training collar proudly
but i am not a pet you can feed scraps

keep me or release me
i will survive either decision
but don't drag me behind the throne
as she sits on your lap, encased in gold

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