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My Love for You

Desperately trying to escape, a doomed repeat closing in.
Heartache rearing his head before she has a chance to breath free.
Two of a kind, yet one in the same.
Laying my cards on the table would instantly mean folding.
Steadfast with heart pounding in her throat, taking all strength to not turn and run.
Telling herself that she can't do this again, seeking some divine reason for the cause.
Building a wall around her still fragile heart, left scarred from the first offense
Love brings you freedom, but this truth feels like the shock of ice water.
Saying a prayer to find some strength to resist the urge to run: asking that I can stand tall in a moment where I am my weakest.
Taking a deep, yet shaky breath and pushing a smile forward with tears threatening to run down my face.
A vow to myself and to the Lord above: I will endure this cross I have to bear, I will not shun or ask that it be taken from me. I will above all else love for that is my purpose.
For God knows that I do indeed love him, this reflection shaking me to my core.
And thus love this man I must, if only this hope is told from myself to God

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