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Pains Of The Past

Pains Of The Past

Time passes now ever so slow,
It seems as not so long ago, you were by my side, careing and shareing,
All the moments we shared together,
As we held each other in our hearts and souls,

Nothing could come between us because we were as one,
Our hearts shared the good times as well as the sad times,
Now those minutes are but memories,
No longer to share, just remember,

This hurt I now have, I hope won`t last,
My heart still beats, but now at a slower pase
The days are much longer,
The nights are pages in my mind of you, me and us,

My thoughts taunt me and gives me no rest,
Just lasting memories I can`t forget,
Your face is every where i look, your smile still makes me warm,
But your eyes don`t have that I Love You any more,

I still miss your touch ever so much,
The security from your arms has turned to loneilyness now,
Yet still when i see you in the distance or hear your voice,
I still feel what we had and shared,

And now when i Say I Love You, it will be only to MY Self.

By MrBob

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