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Paranoid Reality

In his eyes i see darkness but i see light

He’s buried in the past but can see the glimpse of a future so bright

He was so sure he lived in a world so cruel

But then one day she came into his life & made him question all his rules

She saw the best & worst of the world around her

But she always choose to believe the good & the rest was just a blur

She knew he wasn’t perfect & she didn’t want him to be

All she asked was for a little respect and some maturity

She thought her heart & her good would make him see the light

But she quickly learned it would not easy & she was right

She wanted him to stay to scream to talk to fight

Instead he left at the first sign of trouble out on the first flight

He realized his mistake and thought things out

He reached out & called her up & apologized for his doubt

He wanted to fight for her for them & knew it was worth every sweat, every blood shed, every tear

But he knew he had to fight his demons & all his fears

She knew the connection was so powerful, so magical a strong pull she could not give up so quick

With out him she was lost as if missing a piece and definitely homesick

He promised to stay to try to talk to scream but most importantly to fight

She was so happy he manned up & this made her feel closer & wanting to hold him so tight

They grew closer & feelings grew deeper

They both thought the other was a keeper

Then one day she woke up from a nightmare he thought she was the demon

So he stabbed her in the back like a coward to be a freeman

When she saw the blood flowing down her back she knew this was her reality

He finally fought his demon his fears was ready to take flight & be carefree

But then she looked him in the eye & the good the truth became clear

The demon was him & her good was masked by his mind & his fears

Her breaths were a struggle & her blood on the floor

He thought it was too late as he waked out the door

She drew her last breath before her eyes closed

“its never too late to fight for what you want if your ready to be open to change” she disclosed

Her eyes shut her anger & sadness disappeared

& all she could feel is the numbness of the year

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