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Love Always Your Soldier

Love Always Your Soldier

My dearest love, I write to you
From a land oh so far away
I hold my gun so tight
Until in your arms I'll stay

I dream of you each night
And our love is our greatest bond
When I close my eyes, I see your face
I'll love you forever, even in the great beyond

Pray for me, my sweet love
Until once again I'll return
For, tomorrow is not promised
But, our sweet love I yearn

Don't mind the water stains
On this letter that I write
For they are tears of joy
When I close my eyes, your eyes shine

I wanted you to know my love
As we work across this burning sand
In fact pray for this whole troop
That we are guided by Gods great hand

I'll sign off for now my dear
As I dream of your sweet love
Take care of our kids for me
And teach them to pray to God above

Love Always Your Soldier

Written 9/27/2019 by Norman Hale Jr.
2019 (All rights reserved)

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