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Love At First Sight and Unrequited Love

When I first met you I was 18 and we were at an anime event in December.
I met you through one of my friends.
She saw how we looked at each other and persuaded us to get together.
It took us awhile because I was so shy, timid, and unsure.
Took us awhile to be less shy.
When I met you I think I was really into you.
It might of been love at first sight.
Most of the time those are nice and magical.
When we went to see some panels we had to go outside in the cold to switch buildings.
I was really cold so you lent me your cosplay jacket.
We got to the building and we danced at the rave for a bit.
Iím not a dancer and I wouldnít be caught dead dancing, but I felt safe and a little bold so I sort of danced with you for a bit.
After that we had to go home.
We handed our numbers to each other to text sometimes.
I waited till you text first because they say you should wait till your crush texts first.
We texted for awhile and then later started dating.
You asked me out when I went to visit you at school one day.
We had 4 nice years together, but then it went downhill.
We broke up 2 years ago.
A lot of times I still miss you, but glad we arenít together anymore.
I was so in love with you.
I fell hard and it hurt so much.
Still hurting once in a while.
You were almost all that I wanted.
You always made time for me no matter how busy your schedule was or how tired you were.
That meant a lot to me and that is the one thing I really loved about you.
So I thank you for always making time for me or us when we were together.
I hope I get to move on soon like you did and be less scared about getting hurt again.
This poem is sort of what your love meant to me. I have so much more I wanted to put, but it would become a story and drag on and on.

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