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How can it be that you can set me on fire with such desire?

How can it be that I want to know what it feels like to know your touch,

when at the same time I cannot stand the thought of it?

How can it be that I want to know if you will really run me down and trap me like an animal?

Will I fight with all I have and try to kick and bite?

Will it entice and excite you even more to see the lustful fear in my eyes?

Will you really pin my hands behind me, lift my face up to yours and kiss me deeply until I am weak?

Or will just laugh at me now that you have me captive?

Is it about the chase, the conquest, taking something that belongs to another?

Or is there a true desire to have me as your own because the feelings are truly true?

How can there be these feeling in me for you when I know nothing about you?

You are a total mystery to me. The more you keep your secrets, the more I want to know them.

I should have turned away from you long ago, but something in your eyes, from your photos, pulls me, the way a snake hypnotizes its prey before it strikes.

How will you strike? From straight in front, hovering over me as I lay breathless on my back, exposed to you?

Or will you sneak up behind me suddenly, grabbing my hair and striking at me from behind like a wild animal, thrusting wilding?

Or will you slither in like a snake as I sleep, slow and sneaky, so I donít know until itís too late and you are tangled all around me?

All I can say is that all of these images have my body tight in all the right place and no way to release the tension.

I cannot image properly what any of it is like, as I do not know how much taller than me you are?
Is chest bare of hair?
Are your hands rough from all your years in the service? Is your voice deep and rough from yelling?

I guess I will never know these things, as I have only seen a picture online and I let my imagination run away with me. A lonely woman does things like that.

So how can it be that I can see it all so clear and yet know it will never be?

I guess somethings can never be and will never be! Fate is cruel like that, but maybe in another lifetime, you and I can be.

'For someone I never met, will never meet! He knows who he is! I wish him all the best'

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