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 SHOW ME THE WAY poetalthomas        (More) 10/26/2016
 TWO DIRETIONS poetalthomas        (More) 10/25/2016
 DECEPTION poetalthomas        (More) 10/25/2016
 DEPRAVED MINED poetalthomas        (More) 10/25/2016
 ABOVE ALL, GOD IS SUPREME poetalthomas        (More) 10/24/2016
 GOOD AND EVIL poetalthomas        (More) 10/24/2016
 ONE FLEETING THOUGHT poetalthomas        (More) 10/24/2016
 THE KING'S HEART poetalthomas        (More) 10/23/2016
 BELIEVE A LIE poetalthomas        (More) 10/23/2016
 LAWLESSNESS poetalthomas        (More) 10/22/2016
 THERE IS SO MUCH HATE poetalthomas        (More) 10/20/2016
 HOW DO YOU KNOW poetalthomas        (More) 10/20/2016
 AMERICAN POLITICAINS poetalthomas        (More) 10/17/2016
 GIVE WISDOM TO THE WISE poetalthomas        (More) 10/17/2016
 EAGLE poetalthomas        (More) 10/17/2016
 IN THIS ELECTION VOTE poetalthomas        (More) 10/14/2016
 THAT SITS ON MANY WATERS poetalthomas        (More) 10/13/2016
 WALK SOFTLY poetalthomas        (More) 10/13/2016
 ALL THAT VOTE poetalthomas        (More) 10/13/2016
 AMERICA poetalthomas        (More) 10/12/2016
 SOLDIER poetalthomas        (More) 10/12/2016
 SLANDEROUS  poetalthomas        (More) 10/11/2016
 LOOK WHAT IS HAPPENING poetalthomas        (More) 10/11/2016
 RIGHT OR WRONG poetalthomas        (More) 10/10/2016
 DEPLORABLES poetalthomas        (More) 10/10/2016
 PAST poetalthomas        (More) 10/10/2016
 COMPASSION  poetalthomas        (More) 10/10/2016
 BLACK OR WHITE poetalthomas        (More) 10/9/2016
 FORGIVE ONE ANOTHER poetalthomas        (More) 10/8/2016
 FORGIVENESS  poetalthomas        (More) 10/8/2016

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Show me the way Lord.
How would You vote?
Our constitution is at stake.
We can't afford a mistake.

Me, I voted for Tromp.
Everyone, he promises

To drain the swamp
He will put good supreme court judges on the bench.
Everyone knows this is a cinch.

We the people, by the people and for the people,
America, we need to take our country back!
You and I know this is true!

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