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Democracy is the art and science of running the government.
Is the democrat's capable of doing what we meant?
The republican's are not much different.
Art of dealing with the problem, republican's are much better.
And the pitter patter of their defenses are lame excesses.
Science, since Donald Trump became president, he's got things done.
Of course, he recognizes God is our Supreme Leader.
Running government sensible takes more than what human has got.
The rule of government must be run by laws.
Circus out of control it is when it's not,
From monkeys, it looks like government is run.
The stupidity of democrats is obvious.
Monkey around with this and fall into the abyss.
Cage birds are smarter than this.


Also found in: Thesaurus.

pitĚter-patĚter (pĭt′ər-păt′ər)

A rapid series of light tapping sounds.
intr.v. pitĚter-patĚtered, pitĚter-patĚterĚing, pitĚter-patĚters

To make or move with a series of light tapping sounds:
rain pitter-pattering on the roof.

''Democracy is the art and science of running the circus
from the monkey cage.''

H. L. Mencken

The BRAIN TEASE challenge

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''iebeLsns'' sensible

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