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 BLOOD SWEPT LANDS Biggus        (More) 11/11/2014
 PUT DOWN YOUR PEN Biggus        (More) 11/11/2014
 communism poetalthomas        (More) 11/9/2014
 AT THE ELEVENTH HOUR Biggus        (More) 11/8/2014
 I HAVEN'T FORGOTTEN poetalthomas        (More) 11/5/2014
 -Changes- ''Five Little Fingers'' George_Martin        (More) 10/31/2014
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 DRAGON GAVE HIM HIS POWER poetalthomas        (More) 10/27/2014
 Take up your Cross Robert Corey        (More) 10/25/2014
 Why? Truenobleman        (More) 10/24/2014
 Staring out my back door life cambridge_train        (More) 10/20/2014
 Harriet Tubman Mark Heathcote        (More) 10/15/2014
 THANK GOD FOR LITTLE BELGIUM Biggus        (More) 10/12/2014
 Time without beginnings a better friend Mark Heathcote        (More) 9/18/2014
 Politically Impartial riki_ryme        (More) 9/18/2014
 In that unlikelihood Mark Heathcote        (More) 9/16/2014
 IF SINNERS ENTICE THEE poetalthomas        (More) 9/11/2014
 ACTS OF EVIL poetalthomas        (More) 9/11/2014
 Love and reflection Mark Heathcote        (More) 9/10/2014
 RUSSIA poetalthomas        (More) 9/9/2014
 To be a Conservative Mark Heathcote        (More) 9/7/2014
 Tunguska explosion Siberia Mark Heathcote        (More) 9/7/2014
 ART OF WAR poetalthomas        (More) 9/3/2014
 THREAT OF WAR poetalthomas        (More) 9/3/2014
 CONVICTION, I WANT YOU TO SEE poetalthomas        (More) 9/2/2014
 I AM THAT I AM poetalthomas        (More) 9/2/2014
 MAKE WAR WITH THE LAMB poetalthomas        (More) 9/1/2014
 AND POWER WAS GIVEN poetalthomas        (More) 8/30/2014
 OF THIS I'M CERTAIN poetalthomas        (More) 8/23/2014
 Whalesong, A Chorus of The Universesā€˜... reality1        (More) 8/19/2014

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What a stunning and fitting tribute
Well met at the Bloody Tower
A Poppy Sea, marking the toll
Levied at the eleventh hour
Ceramic Poppies, flower and stem
Placed so we will remember them

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