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Nowhere Special

A. Hi there. How are you?
B. Great and how are you?
A. Well, I could be better, if I knew why you’re standing in “Right Here”?
B. That’s a funny way to put it. I am just enjoying this lovely day. Why do you ask?
A. I’m afraid I must demand you sign this piece of paper and insist you pay me your full attention whenever it is requested in “Right Here”.
B. How do you figure you may demand that from me?
A. Are you serious? That power has been duly vested to me by the authority of “Over There”.
B. Where?
A. In “Over There” dummy. Can’t you see where I’m pointing?
B. I guess so. I mean, I can see the direction you’re pointing. Do you mean over there where that group of people are watching TV and grilling hot dogs?
A. Yes, exactly; ”Over There”.
B. Oh. Well, how does over there have any say so in my standing right here?
A. Are you trying to anger me? Or are you just dense? Didn’t anyone teach you anything, or are you just being a wise guy? See, those nineteen people in “Over There” and I voted about” Right Here”.
B. Oh… I see. I think. You voted close to here.
A. No, no, no. We voted in reference to “Right Here”. Well, it was decided eleven to nine, to make “Right Here” under the jurisdiction of “Over There”. Now, sign this paper and pay attention or we’ll have to lock you up in “Back Yonder”.
B. Ok, ok. Just please don’t harm me.
A. Son, if you don’t sign and pay full attention, any harm that comes to you will be one hundred percent your doing. I thank you for your cooperation and “Over There” thanks you. You now have every permission to be in “Right Here”.
B. May I ask a question?
A. You now have permission to ask any question you wish and to have it answered to the best of my ability.
B. Why do I need “Over There’s” permission?
A. Well your signature obliges you to ask for permission of course.
B. But you said I was obliged even before I signed. What created the obligation to begin with?
A. Well if you read the paper; you may request a copy anytime and “Over There' will provide you with one; it states clearly that everyone in “Right Here” is obliged to consent to signing. Are you ok? I don’t understand how it is you’re not getting this.
B. So the paper itself requires me to sign it so that I then have agreed to sign the paper? The paper you forced me to sign.
A. You were never forced to sign. You signed of your own free will. I never even touched you. “Over There” never forces anyone to sign. The fact that there are three people incarcerated in “Back Yonder” for not signing proves it. Otherwise, they couldn’t be there for not signing, now could they? Hopefully they won’t be there much longer. “Over There” is working on a provision called the Interactions Contract, which if put in place will just assume that anyone doing anything within or around “Over There’s” jurisdiction, have automatically consented to the obligations in this paper. Obviously your questions make no sense and I don’t believe you are thinking clearly. Your reasoning is frivolous so we are done with that. Now, is there anything else I might be able to help you with?
B. Jeeze. Thanks, but no. I think I wanna leave.
A. Oh, that’s fine. You’re free to travel from “Right Here” to “Over There” as you please. You may even visit “Back Yonder” from time to time if you wish, with the proper permission of course, but just remember you now have an obligation to “Over There” to pay full attention in “Right Here”. You may also vote on issues pertaining to “Over There”. Definitely do vote, because we’ll be deciding if residents of “Over There” can collect tribute from residents of “Right Here”.
B. So, I’m not a resident of “Over There”? But I signed and have paid full attention in “Right Here”.
A. Wow! You sure have a lot to learn. You are a citizen of “Over There” as are all of us, but you’re a resident of “Right Here”.
B. Well, what I meant is, I think I’ll leave “Right Here”, stay “Far Away” from “Over There” and venture “Nowhere Near”” Back Yonder” and just go “Somewhere Else”.
A. You sure like to heap the paper work on me don’t you?
B. What do you mean now?
A. Fella, you’re already a citizen of “Over There” and a resident of “Right Here”. I’ll have to get a permission pass signed by “Over There” to allow you to travel to “Somewhere Else”. “Somewhere Else” will probably want to see a permission pass from “Over There” any way.
B. This all seems so oddly complicated.
A. Well, you don’t want to be in “Somewhere Else”, standing in “Right There” in another “Over Here” without validation that “Right Here” gave you permission from “Over There” to be in every “Anywhere Else” you choose, do ya?
B. Well, now I’m really lost.
A. That’s ok; I’ll get the paperwork from “Over There” for that too. I’ll return to “Right Here” in a few minutes with all the necessary paperwork and “Over There’s” stamp of approval on it ready to go.
B. Sure, thanks. I sure am glad he is gone so now I can get the hell “Outta Here”!

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