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I would like to share with you a favorite poem of Mine .
The author is unknown


The world has room for the manly man with the spirit of manly cheer

The world delights in the man who smiles while his eyes hold back the tear;

It loves the man, who when things are wrong, can take his place and stand

With his face to the fight and his eyes to the light, and toil with a willing hand

The manly man is the country's need and the moments need, forsooth,

With a heart that beats to the pulsing troop of the Lillied leagues of truth

The world is his and it waits for him, and it leaps to hear the ring

Of the blow he strikes and the wheels he turns and the hammers he dares to swing

It likes the forward look on his face, the poise of his noble head

And the onward lunge of his tireless will and the sweep of his dauntless tread

Hurray for the manly man who comes, with sunlight on his face

And the strength to do and the will to dare and the courage to find his place

The world delights in the manly man, and the weak and evil flee

When the manly man goes forth to hold his own on land or sea.

By jollynoblefrog

© 2006 jollynoblefrog (All rights reserved)


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