Get Rid Of The Advertisements

By Randy Guilhas

I always wished I was a poet
and could write some famous lines
wrapped around some stately words
with rhythm, truth and rhyme

But it seems I got no depth of heart
like Whitman, Frost or Poe
no pain to guide my empty pen
no metaphor, no flow

My penmanship is lacking
my grammar ainít so great
I wish Iíd been astute in school
instead of so sedate

But my soul still had a yearniní
to pen my deepest thoughts
just couldnít seem to round Ďem up
from where they last was lost

And then I got to thinkiní
it ainít much what gets said
a poet canít be famous
lest he gets his poems read

So I resigned my aspirations
and lowered all my goals
and found my inspiration
from the shallows of my soul

From Frisco to Manhattan
from Superior to Rio Grande
youíll recognize my musings
once you understand

Iím the under-cover poet
who found his beck and call
my masterpieces proudly penned
on every bathroom wall

So when youíre out a traveliní
if you stop to take a Ö.peek
youíll not only be enlightened
youíll get a front row seat

And though I wonít be famous
when I die Iíll just be dead
But Iíll be the readest poet
what ever has been read

©2002 rguilhas

By KnightWriter

© 2019 KnightWriter (All rights reserved)


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