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One More Storm (FOR M.S.)
liquor-stained teardrops lie, so seething deep inside,
the pain I feel so strong within, what must I do to hide,
I sit and watch you lose your grip, the booze it takes
its hold, day by day I wait and watch, to see what
course you take. I pray that something wakes you up,
especially for your sake; how could you let it run your
life, with such raw and vicious power, you flounder in its
sea of rage, within any day or hour.
what foolish power booze exudes on those who've fallen prey,
to blindly follow along its' path, as though there were no
other way; to find relief from lifes' great stress and the tensions
we all feel, for you'll find in booze no true relief, no peace
to fully seal.
an aching sense of gloom invades, what end I can't foretell,
I wonder where along lifes' course, you commenced this road
to hell. Though I've tried to reason with you, how it seems
so in vain, you seem so bent on reckless waste, it fills me so
with pain.
alcohol uncontrolled is simply a disease, over which you've lost
control, and if unchecked with passing time, it's bound to take its
toll; what can I say to make you see, your blind and senseless trail,
or what may happen in the end, if your binging you don't curtail.
perhaps someone else who's been there, might be able to comprehend,
what might be ticking in your head, and sending you round the bend.
For I myself just cannot see, what could produce this sad estate,
I only know that at the finish, lies a potentially lethal fate.

By Wooleyman

© 2018 Wooleyman (All rights reserved)


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