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The Golden Bound Book
Take a knee if you please said the king to this lad
I now deem thee knight and beside me you'll stand
For you are the chosen one the Seer has said
As you bear the cross shaped birthmark blood-red

My Lord I'm but a peasant a lowly farmhand
But I'll do as you say I'll do as you command
It is said that you will be the victor in battle
And rid this poor kingdom of its relentless evil

If you do not believe the words I speak go take a look
Go to the Seer who holds the golden bound book
She's in the tower with the winding staircase
She'll be in her study in all her beauty and grace

My Lord said the lad you have seen her before
I've heard if you look at her you're cursed ever more
Does my mind seem uncertain or do I looked cursed
No lad it's all rumors but the saying is reversed

For if she was to gaze into a person's eyes
Would be she herself that would fall to a painful demise
The torches cast shadows as he climbed the stairs
As he reached the top he holds breath and prepares

On entering the room he hears a voice like and angel
And seeing her face she had eyes of green-silver crystal
Tor'el you have come to seek answers I'm told
Come sit by my side and watch the story unfold

And as he sat down into the book he gazed
The pictures they moved and he was amazed
He watched as a fierce battle was being fought
As a knight on his stallion was in the onslaught

All his strikes were on target as he battled on
Till the last of them fell those dreadful hell spawn
It showed the knight kneeling in front of the throne
And his Majesty honoring him for the land he atoned

And for his victory prize the king had special made
A sword with a blood-red stone and sleek blade
Tell me the truth Seer will this be my fate
Or are they just images that the book did create

Be it fiction or fact dear knight it's all up to you
If you wish turn the page and you'll see what is due

For Sirens_song (Jade)
Behind The Mask Challenge
Theme ~ Chivalry ~

By ellie58

© 2008 ellie58 (All rights reserved)


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