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I `am So Discouraged Lord
I`m discouraged Lord, But I`m trusting in you
I`m discouraged Lord, But I know you`ll get me through
When we get discouraged , and feel down
I know to turn to you, To turn things around
I know these are trials .We must go through
I know I should`nt get feeling down and blue
I know you don`t want to see my eyes filled with these tears
You want me to be strong. As I have been though the years

It seems once again my world is falling apart
I love you Lord Jesus with all of my heart
I`m trying Dear Lord, So hard to be strong
I`ve been through so much, It seems my strength is gone
I feel like I`m losing it ,Can`t hold together much longer
I need you Lord to strengthen me, Once again make me stronger
For I am so discouraged Lord I just don`t know what to do
I`m trying to hold on to my faith and keep my trust in you

It seems that I`m lost in this Big lonely world of today
Each day more and more I seem to lose my way
I`m sorry Lord for feeling discouraged and so low
Without you in my life I`ve no where to go
I know that you are aware of all I`m going through
I also know to dry my tears And put my trust in you
I`m discouraged Lord, And don`t know what to do
I`m trying to be strong, As I trust in you

By Libra

© 2006 Libra (All rights reserved)


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