Somewhere off in the distance
I hear beautiful singing
Sad sounding beautiful Italian words

Someones voice echos loudly
like he is singing only to me.
My heart skips a beat

My soul feels a twinge of sadness.
My ears hear the beauty of the words.
My eyes fill with tears. At the remembrance of
my Papa Bean .

I stand there in awe. Listening to
the most beautiful Italian words.
Sung by this most fantastic voice.

I remember with sadness, the story that I heard about Papa Bean, from my loving family. They told us the day Papa, passed . The nurses and doctors ,my parents and my Nana {Grandmother}, was there with him..Although he was right there..He couldn't talk or answer them..

All of a sudden they said Papa begin to sing in this strong
beautiful voice. He sang like a Opera singer..People Gathered around the door to his room.. They listened. He was singing beautifully, loud and strong he sung out in Italian..

Everyone said It was such a different sounding song. So beautiful .. One, they never heard before..The doctors and nurses told my family without a doubt they thought he, was singing with the angels....It was the most beautiful singing they ever heard. People started to gather at the door to listen.

Papa Bean sang so loud and strong. They said his voice was so powerful, and just beautiful.. The song was one you could imagine angels singing..I was told he sang like he was singing with angels ..Then my Papa Bean, closed his eyes in joined the angels he was singing with..

Somehow, This beautiful Italian song I'm listen to. Brings my Grandpa, back to me. I whisper I love you, Papa Bean, I love you..

Dedicated to my Grandfather who passed away when I was just a little girl. But, he left his mark of LOVE with me..I remember him fondly, and so lovingly.He was Italian and we called him Papa Bean. The story I told here concerning him singing was the absolute truth..It happened just like I told it..

With love.. Papa Bean...With Love
Thanks for the GREAT memories you left me.... Thank you, for all your love.

Tu sei una stella mia stella ... Tipenso sempre. mi manchi
Papa Bean ~ Ti amo

By Betty

© 2008 Betty (All rights reserved)


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This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Inspirations-With Dream Girl -Meggie Gultiano (challenge has been closed)

This Poem is part of a Challenge: - Inspirations-With Dream Girl -Meggie Gultiano (challenge has been closed)

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