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Speak in Whispers
Verse 1:

Of the flickering flame,
That was my love, (I)
I blew it out, (And closed)
And closed my heart.

Forever in darkness,
I see love is blind, (So)
So I open my eyes, (And bleed)
And bleed into the light.


The truth shall set you free,
(So start speaking.)
My ears are open,
Say what you will.

My mouth is shut now,
(You speak in whispers.)
I turn up the volume,
And you turn mute.

Verse 2:

With the strike of a match now,
I rekindle the flame, (But)
But you stomped it out, (Along with)
Along with my heart.

I contemplate the disaster,
I'm the one whose to blame, (So)
So I swallow my pride, (As I)
As I suffocate.


By diego cardoza

© 2006 diego cardoza (All rights reserved)


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