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bibbity, bobbity
hurry now, hurry now
the carriage is coming, hear the wheels go clickety, clackety
time for you to go to the ball

clickety, clackety
come now, come now
the horses are galloping, hear their hoofs go clippety, cloppety
you're in time to be fashionably late

Make your grand entrance now,
the crowds are staring
they're in awe, they're 'ooh-ing' and 'ahh-ing',
And giving a bow at you--yes, it's prince charming
You'll have no worries until the clock strikes twelve

tickety, tockety
fear now, fear now
the clock is chiming, hear the bells go tingity, tongity
your time is running out

DONG! Reality strikes at twelve and your mask
and down the stairs you'll rush out of the ball
ashamed of who you are

Magic is over, no more 'ohh-ing' and 'ahh-ing'
Gone is the princess they thought they knew
and no dashing prince will come chasing after you
you've imagined a life....

as shallow and transparent as

your glass shoe

By JadeStorm

© 2009 JadeStorm (All rights reserved)


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