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Never lost, but forgotten

I found him back again today -
laying asleep on a shelf, wrapped
in a blanket of cob webs and dust.

Eager hands lifted him from his resting
place, tenderly smoothed away ages
of filth from his lapel, and caressed
the spine of his once brilliant
sapphire overcoat.

He's faded and tattered now,
though somehow he has managed
to hold onto his debonair
demeanor and wistful charm.

He was my best friend and confidant
for nearly thirty years-- Daily absorbing
my thoughts and aspirations, tattooed
on his many layers of flesh.

We spent the better part of the
afternoon cuddled on the couch
drinking coffee- reminiscing.

This time I did the listening,
He had a lot to say
after all these years.

We laughed over antics of youthful
rebellion- felt passion rekindled
on a sigh, mingled with bittersweet tears.

Only dregs remained in the cup
at my elbow. It was now my turn
to share what had happened
since our last meeting.

With a flourish; silver tears glistened
on his dry parched cheeks--
as new thoughts and aspirations
poured from my well of dreams.

October 2006

midi curtesy of dolphin's dream

By Sandi Alford

© 2008 Sandi Alford (All rights reserved)


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