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'nothing dust'-blowing in the wind
I see them--all of them down there
some in pain--some without a care
From up here I canít tell who is who
Iím looking, but I havenít got a clue

As I search for my friends and my family
Strange people and strange places are all I see
Not seeing any of mine, I search frantically
Have they just disappeared, have they left me?

Now, I am not so happy to be alone
I cry and beg to go home
When I was there I took for granted
their love
I see things differently looking down
from above

There they are...there they are!!
they canít hear me--I am up too far
I am waving like crazy and yelling too
ďHow come you canít see me, I see you!'

Nope, no use, they canít hear me at all
I miss them so much, I miss them all
Look at them, they are my children
Looks like they are making friends

Oh, how happy they seem to be
I wonder if this is their life without me
Oh no, look Candace is walking off alone
Looks like she might want to go home

My other two children continue to play
Now, MarkE is the only one to stay
Elizabeth is wiping a tear from her eye
Looks like she is really about to cry

Now look, oh goodness, MarkE. is walking away
He is also sad and doesnít want to play
I can feel that he is doing what is right
He finds his sisters and holds them tight

They are .... they are whispering about their mother
They are saying they 'love her more than any other.Ē
'Where did she go--did she die and leave us?'
'the last we heard she was getting on the bus.'

'What has happened--why hasnít she gotten here
She canít possibly stay away because of fear
We havenít done anything wrong-Ėnothing at all
Why wonít she come--why wonít she call'

I hear them crying for me now every day of this life
Their tears burn my heart their words cut me like a knife
I am on my way home I promise, I swear to you
I just got so lost in the pain, I didnít know what to do

Stop! No! I am flying higher and further away
If I could just get there, I would forever stay
I know Iíve made mistake after mistake
But the mistake that caused all of this

Dear Lord, I need you to help me through
I need your guidance and your love too
Iíll be the best mother, like I used to be
Iíll forgive and forget the hurt, youíll see

I want to go home and I want to go today
I need you Lord to please, please make a way
Without my babies, the relentless pain has no end
and all Iíll continue to be is 'nothing dust'
blowing in the wind

By acytra

© 2006 acytra (All rights reserved)


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