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Perfect Fit Soul Mate Department Store
The Perfect Fit Soul Mate
Department Store
The only place youíll ever
find exactly what you're
looking for

If in a perfect world, this
might just existl
I have fashioned here a sample
inventory list

There are many different shades
and styles for your mateís hair
Legs of all lengths and widths
you could also buy there

The nose and toes would
be worn right off the rack
You even have the choice
of moles or freckles on the back

To the left are feet and ears
to fit your perfect mate
chins and knees to the right
Behind the counter is
body weight
and further back is height

All shapes and colors of the eyes
Lips molded while you wait
Personality with or without lies
Your all in one perfect first date

No substitutions in tenderness
for the heart or soul
Neither can you substitute the
gender role

Ages are delicate, so pay close
attention as you decide
The day my mate turned 19
was the very day I died

Your neighbor has had to return
the soul mate of his dreams
So don't go copying his cause
nothing is as perfect as it seems

And remember not to settle
for parts that just donít fit
Cause as the old saying goes,
you pay for what you git

By acytra

© 2006 acytra (All rights reserved)


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