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Mama - The Sweetest Name I Know
I can see you Mama
flying carefree, pain free
with angels wings you
soar above

I can hear you Mama
singing beautifully with
your sweet voice so full
of love

Your last days, dammit,
were filled with such pain
that is what hurts me
again and again

I tried, I cried and
I prayed everyday
That the Lord would
take your pain away

I was heartbroken and afraid Mama
every time I looked into your eyes
When you asked us if you were dieing
all we told you were our hopeful lies

Was that wrong...? Was
it more cruel?
Was there some way to handle
that...was there some rule?

I didn't know what to do
Believe what they were saying?
I couldn't -- I did not want to
So, I just kept on praying.

How in the world could this
death be your fate?
All your life, for everything
you had to wait

Now, even at the end you must
suffer this slow, painful death
And, we selfishly want to keep
you from that last breath

I miss you so much Mama, I love
you and this I know you knew
Even when you couldn't respond
to anything else, to 'I love you'
you would answer...'I love you,

By acytra

© 2006 acytra (All rights reserved)


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