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Butterfly Prayer
I love my daughter Lil' Beth so much
She is seven now, and I miss her touch
See, her dad took her from me when she
was small
One day, I share the whole story, but
for now that's all

Recently, I was visiting her after
not seeing her for about one year,
and again one day I will explain why...
we were walking around outside and
both noticed this beautiful butterfly....

I, wanting so desperately to
share a moment to make her
feel our love in her heart
A moment that she would see
that no matter the time away
we are never really apart,

I quickly said a silent prayer
looking toward the sky

'Please God, she would think
I am so wonderful, if I could
just pick-up this butterfly'

I reached out my finger with much
hope but faith small as a mustard
In the bible, He says for faith to
work, that's all we need

When that butterfly took hold it was
a magnificent blessing for me and my
baby to share,
God's presence and love for us was
evident as He had immediately answered
that prayer

Not only did that butterfly amaze us both
with its playfullness, would you believe
that butterfly played with us until WE were
ready for IT to leave!!

It even allowed me to place it on
my nose,
Which, of course, really tickled
my Lil'Beth down to her little toes

She said 'Mommy, look, we are like
Snow White.'
I said, yes darlin', that's

We went to tell her dad and
show him the proof
As we climbed the stairs, the
butterfly flew up toward the roof

We thought it was gone for good,
but that butterfly came right
back as if it thought it should.

Well, we decided we had nothing else
to do with it, thanked it for being
so nice,
and Lil'Beth said she would just
put it back in its own paradise

How I will always remember that
moment God allowed me to share
a wonderful experience with my
baby and all it took was a prayer

By acytra

© 2006 acytra (All rights reserved)


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