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Just One Flower for Jesus
My daughter and I were playing
oneday in a church playground
We were having so much fun
tumbling all around

By being Thanksgiving, I said we
should say a prayer to God
Smiling, she agreed giving me a
little nod

She, so dramatic and as pure
as a gem
Picked up a handfull of pebbles
and rocks for Him

She bowed her little head, kneeled
on one knee, and then expressed her
offering theatically with outreaching hands
My heart's pounding of deep love and
pride for my baby, could be heard like
the sweet music of a thousand bands

She got a look on her face and she said
'Mommy, I wish I had just one flower
to give to Jesus.'
And I am swearing this, we looked
and there was ONE FLOWER before

She screamed, 'Uh.....MOMMY!' and so
along with those pebbles and rocks,
she offered that one flower
I was so thrilled for her to be able
to see this herself as evidence of
God's power

Some would say this was just a
coincidence and it may have been
But only she decided to say this
prayer again

We looked around first for
another flower in the grass
Seeing none, she looked at me,
smiled and began to ask

'I wish I had just one more flower
to give Jesus, just one more...'
and there they were, just like before

She said, 'Look Mommy, Jesus knew
I was gonna ask again, so this time
he gave us two!!'

Now as we walked back home, she was
holding my hand and she looked up
at me..and she said,

'Mommy, this is my first day to
know that Jesus is dead, but
does things like he is alive...and
I knew it with you first Mommy.'

What a wonderful miracle this was
for my baby and me and I thank
God above
for allowing this miracle to happen
for her to see with her own eyes as
evidence of His power and love

By acytra

© 2006 acytra (All rights reserved)


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