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My friend Harry has a ping
pong table in his apartment
And he has paddles in a large

Some paddles you can play with
Some paddles you can just see
The others, he says, are just
for spanking me

Now we disagree strongly on
this spanking thing
That is the reason all his
ping pong paddles are missing

That, to me, just has too much
of a kinky sound
So, you see, I had to hide every
paddle I saw lying around

He knows I did this, but
he doesn't know where at
When he does ask, I'll have
to lie about that

Cause he thinks that at any
time of night or day
I will be ready and willing
to play

It is kind of funny at times,
I have to admit
But when he gets going with
this he just won't quit

I try to laugh it off cause
I know he is playing
He'll laugh evilly and then
starts with the same ol' saying

He'll say 'Hey, I think you
have been a very, very bad girl.'
He'll grin and then give that
paddle a twirl

It doesn’t turn me on to get
my booty spanked
It feels as good as if on his
'sausage dog' I yanked

And if I said I was doing it
just for fun
The next time he saw me coming
he take off and run

Now divulging their whereabouts
to him I could in no way do
But in case of a ping pong
emergency, I'll trust you

He has actually been all over
this hiding place
He is on a baseball team and
he plays second base

That's right, buried under
second base and way down deep
That is the only way I would
be sure to get some sleep

He must've had me confused
with someone else
And that brings me to the issue
of him and those damn belts!!!

By acytra

© 2006 acytra (All rights reserved)


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