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18th Nov ~ the day you died

Granny I miss you so much, you don't understand
Why did you leave this beautiful land?
We used to swim together in the sea
With my body bopping on your knee.

I pray that you will return to me
I pray the Lord will set you free
I cry each night just thinking of you
I hope you miss me like I do.

I remember your smell your soft voice to
Grandpa acts like he doesn't have a clue.

It's our birthday tomorrow, the day you died
Mummy told me you were sick. But I guess she lied.
I saw the certificate in Grandpa's top draw
the 18th November is what I saw.

I'm seven tomorrow. Granny I'm big!
But Grandpa thinks I'm as skinny as a twig.
Come and see how much I've grown
I promise I won't ever moan
I'll be good from now on just come and see
What your death has done to me.

By xmaxiex

© 2006 xmaxiex (All rights reserved)


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