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Lost Without You
Lying here alone
Staring out the window
Wishing on my special star
To take this pain away

Here I sit and wait
Let the time pass me by
Wanting to be where you are
I hate feeling this way

I am so alone
I long to feel you next to me
To feel your heart beat with mine
I miss you
I want you

I am lost without you
Unable to breathe
I can't find my way out of darkness
I need you
Come home
And never let me go

Everywhere I see you
In my dreams, in my head
My heart cries out for you
To see you
To touch you

Always on my mind
Forever in my heart
Longing to be with you
To look
Into your eyes

I am lost without you
Unable to think
I can't find my place in this life
I need you
Come home
And never let me go

Come back for me
Love and adore me
Put your arms around me
And take me away

I miss you
I love you
I need you
Come home to me
Because without you….

I am lost

For ESL...I miss you

By Indigus Evolution

© 2006 Indigus Evolution (All rights reserved)


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