My simple definition of poetry...
It is the music of the soul.
It quotes from your mind and your
Heart and your feelings,
A story that has never been told.
It says, 'The only gift I can give you
Cannot be bought or sold.'

It rides on the wind and rustles in the leaves.
It sparkles in the eyes of a child who loves you.
It's seen in the rainbow after a summer shower...
When you turn your eyes above you.

The beauty of the woodland on an autumn day,
Is a memory that will never fade away.
Oh God! If I could only be a child again!
Things were so beautiful way back then.

The glow of golden daffodil on a spring morn,
Made me so glad that I was born...
And sometimes when I awoke late in the night...
The cry of a whippoorwill fading in flight.

Working in God's warm earth
With these hands of mine,
To help these baby seedlings grow
When it's the right time.
Hugging a child who begs for love,
With guidance from The One above.

Listening to the secrets of the cottonwood trees.
As I played 'neath their branches, they whispered to me.
Trodding a dusty road in my bare feet,
Hoping by chance a friend I might meet.

Summer nights catching fireflies to put in a jar.
Making a wish on a falling star.
If I had my life to live over again...
I would do it right and then...
I'd turn around and do it again...
And again...and again.

If my memories could take me back to where I'd like to be
It would be a quaint old house on my grandparent's property.
Nowhere in that house could plumbing be found...
And to get to the little house behind the house...
We had to travel cold, hard ground.

But in spite of the inconvenience of this generation of long ago
My love for my grandparents will continue to grow...
And if one wish could be granted
I would wish them to know.

This is one of my older writes, but it appears
to fit harveythefly (Josh's) BTM theme of 'rememberance'

By angelinmypocket

© 2008 angelinmypocket (All rights reserved)


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