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I'm Bad and I Know It!!
Yes, I'm bad and I know it
I'm looking groovy today!
I just can't wait to see
what the ladies have to say!

My mom never lets me do
anything I like
She says I am too young
for this motor bike

But how can I be too young
looking this cool!
Man, everyone will finally
say I rule!!

It's about time my mom
listened to me
Being this cool dude is
what I was born to be

Man, won't the ladies
dig me now-riding on this
Maybe I'll finally get
that date and even a kiss

On my way to school, I'll
wear these sun glasses
I'll honk at every girl
that passes

She'll look and she'll
wave and maybe even smile
Man, I've been waiting
for this moment a long while

Look, here comes the finest
girl around
I'll do a pop wheelie landing
smooth on the ground

OH NO! I'm loosing my grip!
No longer holding onto the
handle bars I slip
Landing on the ground hard and
rolling around the yard

I hear the gasps and I know
that they all see
But then I realize those sounds
are coming from me!

Upon this hard ground that
I did land
Someone is beside me holding
my hand

Out of a confused fog
I open my eyes real wide
And I am amazed at who is
right by my side

It is that finest girl
around that I see
And she is really not
laughing at me

She is wiping my brow and
making me feel great!
Hey!! Maybe this is the time
to ask for that date!!

By acytra

© 2006 acytra (All rights reserved)


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