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Desire Is Back
Desire is back hot, deep and delicious
I smile softly, sweetly and a little vicious
As you hold me, I pray it’ll never end
At last, our bodies together again

My excitement is overwhelming times three
It seems like forever since you’ve held me
My heart is filled with passionate cries
while my stomach is filled with butterflies

It’s the anticipation of you I can hardly take
But I do as I love that pleasurable ache
We let go of our inhibitions that were hidden
Experiencing all the naughtiness once forbidden

As you love me with all you have inside
your feelings for me you just can’t hide
Your every touch is so tender and strong
Nothing you could do to me would be wrong

I smile as I look up and its your face I see
Thank you baby for working so hard pleasing me
I literally cry tears after the love we make
The way you love me makes my body shake

It’s fantastic, starting off loving and mild
Lasting seven hours, and getting pretty wild
Now let’s compare making love to having sex
We’ll make this one first and have that one next

By acytra

© 2006 acytra (All rights reserved)


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