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Let The Starlite Shine
Single souls reach from all corners of the world
And grasp hands as they gather in this very special place
The big Top Dawgs are Albert and Tess…..
When I was only about 15, I was welcomed in, By God’s Dear Grace

They didn’t know anything about me or have a clue who I was
but they offered me posting space and gave me an equal chance
Now, close to 7 years later, this place has given me so much more than I had expected
They have assisted in building upon my empire of freelance

At first it was just an opportunity to share my poetry with family and friends
I was clueless to the things that this place would really offer me
The wide range of wonderful people that I would soon meet and become friends with
And the challenges, forums…I was blinded from and couldn’t even see

But now, The Starlite Cafe has taught me so many new things:
like the definition of a muse or how to write a villanelle
Thank You Tess for that one, and Albert you are the man!
When I’ve had an issue, You’ve always been right there…never the need to yell

But most importantly, I have built bonds and friendships that will last a lifetime
Other writers like me, people that truly care
To the people of Starlite, You have my word, Till I die or go crazy…
My words with you…..I will share!

This place has become a poetry home of mine
Has urged me to grow, and helped me to rhyme
I will pray to God every night…
”Please Continue to Let the Starlite Shine”

Title Challenge by Cheeky (Leah Broomfield)

By Hot Stud

© 2007 Hot Stud (All rights reserved)


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