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Then a Heavy Sigh
Lump in her throat again as she starts her day
Her reflection pains her as time as dimmed her youthful glow
Remembering the image etched in her mind of her younger version
she shakes her head to get back to the present as she readies
herself for the long day ahead

She finishes brushing her hair, teeth and puts on a little powder
Applies a light pink lip color to make her look alive
Then she smiles a fake smile just to see what others see in her
Immediately disappointed she frowns and throws the lipstick
in the sink seeming to blame it for everything

Then a heavy sigh

As she escapes the mirror image she puts effort in forgetting it
as her life is more than images these days,
she does forget it..........eventually

She gets a call from her daughter which gives her comfort
Doesn't feel as lonely
But reminds her of the daughter she hasn't heard from in
months and feels the ache in heart for her
Vulnerability consumes her and she says a prayer to ease the worry

She has given her entire life for her children and their children
She hasn't felt the strong arms of a love in such a long time
Is worry and loneliness her reward for total dedication, loyalty
and selflessness
Where is her prince now....? When will her knight in shining
armour rescue her? But then, how is she to be rescued from herself

No need to complain as this is her life as she made she accepted it

Then a heavy sigh

Love of a man wasn't in the requirements for happiness

By acytra

© 2007 acytra (All rights reserved)


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