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Happy Birthday Mama
Happy Birthday My Sweet Mama

I hope you heard-us-your daughters sing
'Happy Birthday to You, Dear Mama'
'and mannnnnnnnnny moooooore.'

You would have been seventy-three today
I never thought you would leave us
Never thought you would die that way
without pitching a fit, starting a fuss

Happy Birthday- My Sweet Mama
Did you see Candace, MarkE and Les?
They brought you a birthday cake
and had a birthday party with you

They sang happy birthday and cut
the cake and then made a mess
trying to make you smile and show
you they are doing okay but miss
you so very much

Did you see inside their hearts?
Inside all of our hearts? Do you see
the emptiness there? WE miss you
mama! Nothing or not one of us
is the same.

We are lost without you Mama!
But today, we feel close to you!
We see your beautiful rosey cheeks
blushing as we sing to you. I see
you kissing and hugging us all, and
laughing. Opening your presents, acting
as if you like them..when you would
rather have money to go to the grocery

I hear your sweet voice mama....oh how
I miss your tender sweet voice and
lovely heart and soul.

To you My Sweet Mama!

Happy Happy Birthday....
from your family....
we miss you!!!!

By acytra

© 2007 acytra (All rights reserved)


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