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I feel cheated
i feel lost
since shes gone

I loved for 30 years
now i am alone
hurts so bad
since shes gone

i still cherish her
it tears me apart
why did she
break my heart?

I dont want to love another
I refuse to start over
I would rather die
than be alone

my heart has a home
its in my wife
shes living away
causes me such strife

i would do things different
if she came back
i would lay at her feet
she would never lack

sick to my stomach
my first and only love
been 30 years
thought i had it all

come to find out
she wasnt happy
i never cheated
only wanted the best

i would kill myself
if it wasnt for the hope
that someday, i can hold her
and tell her i care

god it hurts
torn me apart
all i ever wanted
is to give her my heart

IM sorry, love john

copywrite john veinot [2006]

By long-john

2006 long-john (All rights reserved)

By long-john

© 2007 long-john (All rights reserved)


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