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We Were Meant To Be
The ease of mind and
warmth of soul
that embrace me as I
languish in your grace
make me an entity that’s
sound and whole,
with a heart full of love
at it’s base.

Brilliant hues and images
stream forth in light
usurping the dull grayness
I knew before.
They ride high like ribbons on
the tail of a kite,
Technicolor joy no enlightened
heart could ignore.

Might I bask a little longer in
your sweet presence
and absorb positivity in
larger measure?
Allow our souls to mate
from this day hence,
as we each release our
closely kept treasure.

My journey through myriad
relationship fields
brought me here to your
mantle of love.
Open your coffer to accept
what my heart yields.
PS: I still love you and you’re
what I dream of.

Submitted for Floreann’s private challenge

PS I Still Love You

By AlwaysMyWords

© 2017 AlwaysMyWords (All rights reserved)


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