An old farmer knelt one night
to say his night time prayer
to thank God for all the blessings
He showered on him
and for showing that he cared
his shirt was faded blue and thin
and his overalls had patches on both knees
there was a hole in one pocket
and he needed a new pair of boots
but he seemed to be at ease
Well he laid his head down gently
upon that old feather bed
he took a deep breath, and sighed a sigh
and this is what he said

Lord, if you up there, please hear me out
cause I want you to hear me good
I ain't good at saying this kind of stuff
and you know I ain't
but I've always tried to please you
so iffin you ain't too busy
would you take a couple of minutes and listen

I want to thank ye for my good health
and the good report from the doctor the other day
you know I was worried
I want to thank ye for my Sarah
that's my good wife, dear Lord
in case ye didn't know
and she's been a good one
for nearly fifty five years
together we brung up eleven kids and they all
be doing right good
for themselves
and I thank ye fer that

Thank ye Lord for them thirty eight grand kids
well they's only thirty seven now
Jim, he got his self killed over there in Iraq
a fighting fer them people that ain't thankful at all
but ye know all about that, don't ye Lord
I can almost see him now
walking by them pearly gates, we sure do miss him Lord
his Grand ma and me
and his Ma and Pa

Thank ye for our little home and this here old
pleasant home stead
It ain't much to some folks, but it shore is good enough fer us
Hit's been home now fer nearly fifty years
and I want yer to know, we've been happy here
cause we know it came from you
Thank ye for all, Sarah's good cookin'
I been gettin' fatter'n a hog on it
I don't believe they be anything she can't cook
Iffen Lord, ye could just come down and taste it
You'd know just what I mean
Thank ye fer all that good food she canned this summer
all lined up on the shelves in the shed
and thank ye Lord fer the shed

The garden came in good this summer
it was enough fer us and enough fer us to share with our kids
and our neighbors
Thank ye Lord fer that rich black dirt that growed it
and thank ye fer sending the rain, we shore was glad to see it
but Lord, ye knowed that already
Thank ye fer the field full of hay and the new spring calves
Thank ye fer the milk cow
and the old horse
and thank ye Lord fer the old settin hen and all them biddies
we'll have eggs and chicken fer a while

I thank ye Lord fer that little old
fishing hole
and the woods that's filled with critters to eat
thank ye fer that old double barreled shot gun
and fer a sure fire aim to shoot 'em
Thank ye fer the hogs and the smoke house
full of fresh smoked meat
and thanks fer the hogs we could sell
so's we had the money to patch the roof
on the old barn
You shore been good to us Lord
really good

And when all our family gathers fer dinner
on Sunday's
thank ye fer all the laughter and the love
Thank ye fer all the playing kids
and the great grands on the way
Oh, we be so proud of all them healthy youngins'
My Sarah and me
I'll ask a favor Lord for every one, if ye can spare it
Please give every one of us a special blessing

I ask this in Jesus name

And this one last thing, Lord
I ask ye kindly and iffen ye see fit
could ye help me git up off this here floor
my old knees sure do get stiff
here of late
Thank ye Lord

By sweetater

© 2011 sweetater (All rights reserved)


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