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Yes, I Remember Mama
Oh how I do remember you Mama
So full of life and love
I never could forget you, no!
I feel you up above

At times I feel you closer
Like your right beside me now
I would never question why
Nor would I question how

Memories engulf me Mama
Each time of think of you
How often do I pick up the phone
Like I always use to do

We shared so much in our years
What an example you did leave
I could never measure up to you
'N when you left, how I did grieve

I felt like I had really lost
The anchor that held me in place
A love that was like none other
A mother's love you can't replace

I can remember so many times
Walking up to your door
Early in the morning and you
Had just been worshiping before

You always read the 'Upper Room'
Even when Dad was there too
Then you read something from the Bible
How I wish I was more like you

Your faith never seemed to waiver
And even at life's end
I can remember your last days
Few words spoken as to your friend

'Sweet, sweet Jesus' many times
Your lips would mouth the words
The other was 'Dear Jesus'
I knew what I just heard

You were talking to Jesus
As He planned the few last things
And then when it was time to go
You left at dawn with angels wings

I can remember when you closed your eyes
With your daughter and grand by your
You never ever moaned at all
You took life's last breath ~ no sigh

Then with the sudden movements
Your grand threw open the sliding doors
So that you would have no problems
For we could see your spirit soar

It was a Sunday morning
You'd not sing in your church that day
But I would bet by evening
With the angels you sang and prayed

It is almost Mother's Day
And I am here to send you love
I hope I gave you enough on earth
But I still send a lot above

You were the best of Mother's
I could have never asked for more
I can see you read the 'Upper Room'
As I walked up to your door....

God's Little Whispers

Dedicated to my Mama
Helen Macy Simerly
(87 years of love)
'True Story of Life With Mama'

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By Mary Anne

© 2007 Mary Anne (All rights reserved)


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