Get Rid Of The Advertisements

From early in the morning
'Til late at night you'll see
I'm sitting at my PC
Staring at the screen

I need a bit of shopping
Don't go down to the store
I can order all my food on-line,
Delivered to my door!

Now what's the latest fashion?
Don't need any magazine
To tell me all the latest trends -
It's right here on my screen

If I need some tickets
To see my favourite group,
No need to stand and queue all night
I'll go on-line and book.

When choosing where to holiday
In countries far away,
Who needs the Travel Agent?
On-line is cheaper anyway.

No matter what my daily needs
For work or rest or play
No need to move from my PC
To buy on-line's the way.

'Girl, your're PC crazy',
Is what my friends all moan
Until at last my Man gets here,
Then the PC's all alone!

By Elianna

© 2018 Elianna (All rights reserved)


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