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I know if Frank [FAP] were alive he would be able to do this better than I will.
Frank was a loving and caring man who adored Albert. Frank loved life and expressed it so often in his poetry. In tribute to Albert I am reposting one of Frank’s inspirational writes as I know this was written from Frank’s heart before he passed away.



If I should die today or tomorrow,
Please let there be no sorrow.

Because life on earth is like band-aids,
Your soul lives on, your body fades.

It will not end in death,
When I breathe my last precious breath.

It will continue to a new dimension,
A peaceful one, no stress, no tension.

No pain, no sickness, greed or lies,
My soul lives, because it really never dies.

I’ll patiently wait, till that day comes,
To meet my friends and precious ones.

Surrounded by Angels with faces gleaming,
Death will be a word with no meaning.

[published and copyrighted 2004]
‘Inspirational Verses From My Heart”


So rest in peace as you are now in Heaven,
I know my Frank met you when you ascended.

I can see you both sitting on that big moon so bright,
Writing poetry in the sky under the stars lights.

So now, you both wait for me at Heaven’s Gate,
When God calls me home I won’t be late.

God rest your soul and peace be with you,
Your friendship, love and support has always been true.

By Mrs FAP

© 2007 Mrs FAP (All rights reserved)


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