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the afternoon sky
The Afternoon Sky

Driving home, the sun was setting, when I saw the big
wound on the sky; it bled, a large blob landed in front
of the car and exploded into a million rubies.
I had a plastic shopping bag in the car, for occasions
like this, began picking them up, when I saw hundreds
of grey donkeys gliding out from the harsh landscape
of thorny bushes and crippled trees, they were the soul
of beasts that had tilled this land only to see their labour
come to nothing, now they wanted to be paid, if needed
in solidified blood from a mortally hurt sky.

I dropped the bag and fled to the car, pondered my next
move when there was a knock on the window: “Are you
ok sir?” “Sure, why shouldn’t I be! “Move on then,
you’re holding up the traffic.”

By jan oskar hansen

© 2007 jan oskar hansen (All rights reserved)


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