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'It's Only Beer'
“It’s Only Beer” is what she used to say
Thinking that beer was the safe way
To ease her sadness and help her cope
Better than drinking liquor or doing dope

At first she only drank a few beers to relax
But as life got harder a few turned into six packs
I remember her counting down the time
And at 2 p.m., if she had $2, she’d make a b-line

That was okay because nothing was neglected
It just helped her be as she was expected
Struggling and pain was all her life was about
Making due with what she had or doing without

After years of coping by drinking “only beer”
The doctor gave her news she didn’t want to hear
Her liver was 80% damaged for which there is no a cure
She didn’t understand what the doctor told her for sure

“My kids told you to tell me that” was all she said
He replied: “Drink again, is like putting a gun to your head”
We were hopeful but doubtful that she would really stop
This wonderful woman so very strong, never drank another drop

Twenty years later is when she would be affected
She had cancer, but that problem was corrected
While in the hospital she started hurting in her calf
That is when we found out she had MRSA staff

She was put on antibiotics for six weeks or more
Overdosing her is what the hospital is blamed for
She lived with liver disease and was able to manage
It was the damn hospital that finished the damage

She didn’t live but a couple of months after
I miss her so much and her beautiful laughter
I remember the days and her words I still hear
“Don’t worry about me love, It’s Only Beer”

By acytra

© 2007 acytra (All rights reserved)


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