I watched as it gently glided
from one leaf to another
It seemed so frail I decided
on this day of perfect weather

I watched in awe
It's beauty so abounding
God definitely had a part in what I saw
It's colors were astounding

I wondered as it fluttered
Could it know as it tarried
It's days were shortly numbered
My thoughts became so carried

This frail creature of such beauty
Has always given me such peace
It paused looking at me with such duty
My awe would not cease

If my time on this earth was short
Could I bring such joy and laughter
As this creature does of every sort
Would I leave my mark forever after

It came to rest upon my arm
For just a second I felt connected
It knew I meant it no harm
A feeling of hope it injected

To come into this life
As creature that was feared
Survive hardship and strife
To become one so revered

If we each took the short time we have
Reached out to touch each others heart
Would we see the beauty that it gave
No wounds to heal when it was time to part

I have always found calm
Watching it fly with it's wings so frail
Sharing it's beauty resting in my palm
If only I could leave such a beautiful trail

If only I could fly like a butterfly

By Viking Butterfly

© 2010 Viking Butterfly (All rights reserved)


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