Reality's Design...

Reality's Design...

Unproven commitment or simply infatuation?
Illogical musings of the heart...warped sense of reality's design.
Seemingly ideal match...a promise of lasting rapport of relationship
Weighing the final analysis blinded by stainless naivety
Of impetuous~impulsive heart which overwhelmed prudence.

Love conquers, surmounts all, walks into the night with reckless abandon.
Neglected is the essence of cogent, logical reasoning.
Waived is the practicality of pragmatic and mundane existence.
Vulnerability exposed, laid bare is the weakness to distinguish
The contrasting colors of the wind as it brushed the dull sensitivity
Of cold emotion and numbed feeling where two become the other's breath.

The insignificant perception either assumed or otherwise
Is on a balance, asking no pity...a litmus test of rationality.
Regret of consequence always came after the fact sinking without a hint,
Coming from a place hidden from one's own cognizance.
Awaken now...mistakes realized indiscretion's lapsed limits...
Enveloping quick sand of life...seized soul....buried it deep.


A collaboration write by Lady Sharon Peeples and XRifles

By XRifles

© 2007 XRifles (All rights reserved)


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