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Editor Of Life (Anyone Who Writes)
I take the time,
Only to speak my mind
Everything that I say, has got a place
These are the times
And I'm the Editor of Life

My every thought is written down on white paper with blue lines
A service to remember the past that has made up my life
I bleed through ink the deepest of my feelings
Love hate and happy days bust through the ceiling

It doesn't matter the juncture or the placement
I find words to acupuncture it and make the statement
Everything I've went through, I put it all in a notebook
Life captured inbetween cardboard and wire hooks
I tell you about every single thing that I've took
Think that you can't make it through just take a look

I've came from devestation, deviation, corruption and death
To happyness and bliss now are you feeling the rest

See life is what I write, I don't care about fronts
I am what I am, love me or hate me if you want
I've always been myself because life is not a joke
I'd be dead without God, now put that into quotes

© 2007 Innovative Minds Entertainment

(OOC: This is the first thing I've posted up on here in awhile, wonder if anyone remembers me...I'm pretty this isn't written in any standard form...But yet and still, hopefully you like it, and if you do I'd love for you to read some of my past work...Comments are very much appreciated and the favour will be returned.)

By David Harty

© 2007 David Harty (All rights reserved)


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