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Fragile Gift
why did you give me this?
the most fragile of gifts
this was doomed to fail,
to crack under our rifts
you packed it, sealed it
left it proudly on display
then you couldn't mind yourself
or the words that you say
so with every verb a crumble,
every noun a tear
so that this one gift between the
two of us
is the one gift we no longer share
it never shattered,
it didn't break
it was more of a day to day
wasn't beaten
wasn't abused
it fell apart because
of lack of use
'cuz we never shouted
-never screamed-
but from the look in your eyes
those feelings I gleamed
well, not the emotions,
but the lack thereof
it was the empty echo
behind each claim to love
the verbage that sounded most sincere
was all scripted,
was just an act to hide the tears
the sobs found deep inside,
the shakes behind each lie
so now with every stroke of truth
we retreat with deep-breathed sighs
our physical passions won't mask it,
the pieces no longer fit
we sit down to enjoy filet mingon
and choke down our plates of sh!t
so lets stop our crooning,
herald the band to end our song
we should give the gentle good-bye's
and whisper 'see ya babe; and so long'
because we didn't avoid the depravity,
just left the other in the dark
so while we pick up these pieces of tragedy
we'll put them back together, but apart
and remember the beauty of this fragile gift,
that fading golden memory of a box,
within it was our shared heart

For O2L's
'Pieces of Tragedy'
AFG Challenge

By spyboygreen

© 2007 spyboygreen (All rights reserved)


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